Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Only Story Left To tell Is The Truth

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I am thankful that I received this lovely message - the story was told HERE - and it has been playing in my mind often since then.  The message that is simply read "The Only Story Left To Tell Is The Truth" yet it is a constant music in my mind.

I am so much attracted to its wisdom.  I wonder much about it, with deep appreciation that it lands on me.  I marvel at the person who has written it, at her higher consciousness to open up my awareness at a higher level.  At the beautiful mind that God has guided her.  I keep asking myself what is the highest purpose that I have to receive it?  Why do I have to receive it?  There is, admittedly, huge enigma that the message has to come to me.

To the angel, Yuanita, I am very much thankful!  You have made me to further believe that the year 2014 is about a year of spiritual growth.  The message, that I received from you, denotes in what I have thought 2014 is a spiritual year.

Today, as I sit to meditate on it, it brings about many feelings of mystification.  There are many mind boggler perplexities.  I think of God.  I think of Heaven.  I think of Hell.  I think of Love.  I think of A Journey.  I think of Death.  I think of Being Alive.  I think of Surrendering.  I think of Joy.  I think of Sorrow.  I think of Courage.  I think of Fear.  I get to think of People - some who are near me, some who are far away.  I think of Well-Being.  I think of Peacefulness.  I think of Faith.  I think of Piety.  And, I think of 'I'.  'I' as in Who Am I? 'I' as in Illumination.  'I' as in the letter 1.

Nonetheless, exclusively, I feel trapped in loneliness with the floods of all comforting thoughts and with all the pleasing events that evolve around me.  I feel, without exception, a sense where I am a lonely fighter in every respects.  It is, admittedly, the wholly truth.  It is the truth of what my soul constantly feels.  Ironically, it is at this awareness and the cringing acceptance that my soul starts to breathe.  That I feel lighter.  That I feel liberated.  That I feel joy and peace deep within.

Indeed, it is perplexed.  Indeed, maybe I am a complicated BEing.  Here where I am, I am in love to spread healing and positive energies, where I constantly love humans and reaching out to them.  Here where I am, I am so much in love with love.  So much in love with God's purpose for us and our planet.  Yet, there's a part of me that constantly cries out.  There's a part of me that is troubled.  I am troubled with the maze in human bureaucratic and behavioral complexities.  It leaves me fighting to eradicate what (I hope) to be right.

I feel that I have been on a personal battle fighting too much and far too long.  I am fighting for my active mind to sync with the peace of my heart.  I am fighting for love to be understood.  I am fighting for kindness to be thorough.  I am fighting for compassion that has to be unreserved.  I am fighting for consciousness to prevail and so does peace for all to have.  I am fighting for the awakening of awareness and for positive energy to triumph.  I am fighting to end widespread sufferings and let every human to be spiritually victorious. I am fighting to make Mother Earth the heaven on earth.  I am fighting for the ultimate Truth.

Retrospective, subconsciously, it has made me to be a sad person.  Not by default nor by birth - and, definitely not the fault of my parents who brought me here - but by the consistent and continual unconscious triggers of events.  From the way I see them, from the way I feel them.  It is, from the way, these observations are made.  It is the way I interpret them.  Perhaps, from a myopic self indulgence.  Perhaps, from an egocentric conclusion and experience.  Do I feel guilty to pass an opinion?  Do I feel guilty to form the perception?

Be that as they may, it has made me mentally and spiritually lethargic.  It has made me emotionally sorrowful.  It makes me the person who lives with a bleeding heart.  It also makes me to think how I can become superficial.  How I can easily give up when things are not what I think they should be.  How my emotions can easily concede and relinquish for an easy way out - that is to just let things go.  It seems so easy.  After all, the more I fight, the more pains I bring.  Life has taught me that it is wise to let go and just to let God.

Still, deep within me, I know that I am not completely let it go.  There is always the prayer that continues.  There is always the fire that keeps burning.  I still allow my heart to bleed and I still have the conviction for a better ending.  I believe in hope.  I believe in faith.  I just have to let 'Believe' illuminated.

It makes me to wonder at the lives of Jesus .. at the lives of Prophet Muhammad .. at the lives of Buddha.  At their devotion to carry out the Truth, at all costs.  Is this the Truth of who I am to be?  That I have to continue their works?  That I have to feel how they feel?   That I have to spread the Truth so that we can be one?  That, with the Truth, we minimise sufferings?  That we have higher purpose and live with love, joy and peace in our earthly paradise?

A little story ..

Everything happen for a reason:

The past weeks I was troubled with a missing box in the house that contained a spiritual emblem.  When I was doing spring cleaning just before last Christmas, I organized a cabinet and completely forgot where I placed it.  I spoke about the missing box to some friends.  They felt that I was too OCD and some felt that I might accidentally throw it.  Yet, deep within me and whenever I talked about the missing box, I knew it was still somewhere in the house.  It was only a matter to recall where I had placed it.

Strange at how things around me evolved.  If that spiritual emblem was a symbol of the Truth and the weeks remembering to locate it was My Journey on Earth, the outcome to find it had to be, in my opinion, Believe.  The lesson was to teach me about faith.

The day I decided that I had to face the truth, I surrendered.  I knew I was right that I had just misplaced it and never had it thrown away.  I believed in myself.  I believed in my faith.  My consciousness guided me that it had to be somewhere.  It was only the timing that I could not remember.

Two days ago, when I felt that certain of Earth's energy had changed, I told myself that the day had come where I would be reunited with the Spiritual Emblem.  True enough, as I looked (again) at the big box near me, I found the missing box inside it.  I did not see it the other time and the few more times when I was searching for it.

I have been often told that I think differently.  That I see things - and analyzing things - differently.  The missing box has a story of its own.  It has meaning and reason.  Co-incidence has to happen to bring out consciousness.  It is how you and I want to decode it.  What separates us is the school of awareness, I suppose.

The time has arrived, I believe.  I have to believe - and accept - who I think I am.  I have to believe - and accept - that I am guarded and guided.  There is no more second guessing.  Just as the message that I have earlier received - The only story left to tell is the truth.

Do I want to accept it?

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