Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Great Singapore Sale 4

We have been looking around for an LCD TV for our MBR.  When we accompanied a friend to get her LCD TV set, we learned - for the first time, about LCD 'hard panel'.  Basically, with such panel, should you try to lightly 'knock' on it with your knuckles, there will be no pixel interpolation [burst of blur image].  That salesman allowed us to knock on few of his other displayed brands and true enough, only Hitachi  L Series stood well with the test.

We are not in favour of Hitachi - perhaps, cos there's not much Hitachi adverts nor it is widely available.   The last few weeks, everytime we were in any stores and when the sales promoters aren't around, we will do the knocking test.  We just wanted to make sure that there is really such a hard panel thing.

We were in another store yesterday and, as usual, we were going around trying to do the knock test.  A sales guy approached us and somehow, he knew that we were concerned with the panel.  Without asking, he told us about the hard panel.  Ah, it settled our doubts - here, another sales guy echoed the same information.  We also learned that only Hitachi L Series and some LG models are built with such a panel.

Hitachi L Series uses the IPS (in-plane switching).  It is a horizontal electric field type LCD created by Hitachi.  The simple movement of liquid crystal elements revolving in parallel with the glass substrates has realized the wide viewing angled LCD, where changes of colour tone due to the viewing angle or gradation are so slight that the natural picture can be seen from any angle vertically or horizontally.

We decided to go ahead with the purchase and got the model L42X01A.  We got a good bargain - the price we paid was lower than what our friend bought few weeks back.  We might get further discount should the price of LCD TV drop when they deliver it to us end August.

We also got Hitachi HTD-K210 DVD Home Theatre System free.

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