Sunday, July 27, 2008

For A Dear Friend ... Our Prayers

We understand the fear that you are going through.  How hard you have to keep telling yourself that everything is going to be alright.  The sadness that you have to keep in your pocket and pretending to be stronger for others. 

The confusion of earthly security, the savior from life's disappointments, its assurance, the justice upon your life and the misery of this earthly life and the human love that ends in disappointment.

We know that your every breath is filled with dreading thoughts.  And what a sad tomorrow it would probably be.

We asked you to lead a normal life, that life does not stop.  We told you that we are holding hands with one prayer.  That love will conquer all.  That every road leads to higher divinity.  That you are cared.  That you are loved. 

We know because, within your golden heart, there's a place so strong, so very deep and so faithful and true - and only your true love can, and will, change what's ahead.

It is hard.  Yes, we are not going to lie to you that it will be easy.  Yet, we are very sure that it will end with folds of blessings.  You will unite with light and strength.  That in your arms, in your very strength within your soul, you will not be left in despair.

We are here because we care, because we want to care. 
You were here because we wanted to lighten your burden, because we wanted to share your burden.
Let our tears wash away your fear.
Let our sorrow guide your way.
Just let us share.

We want you to hang on to faith.  To all things well.  To surrender and accept.  In all that's here, there is always hope.  You win because you believe.

You are not alone, my dear friend.

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