Friday, July 04, 2008

Renovation - Week 00B

Our renovation date might have to change now.  HDB has just informed Chiauw that we need to submit another form for the appointment of Professional Engineer [PE].  On Chiauw's side, she has appointed a company to oversee the job.

Generally, all other renovation and hacking works have been approved except for the wall at the store room.  For the hacking there to be carried out, there must be a presence of a PE.  According to HDB, the PE needs to solve the wall stiffener between the MBR and the walk-in wardrobe/study room.  Chiauw is puzzled but we will still go ahead with the hacking.

[Stiffener = A steel angle or plate attached to a slender beam to prevent its buckling by increasing its stiffness]

Still, we hope that the earlier renovation permit is not revoked and that other works can start next Tuesday.

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