Wednesday, July 02, 2008

of Joy, Happiness, Truth and Love

This is for a dear friend, JH -- with gratitude.

Indeed, this wind chime - that is made of glass and given by a dear friend, speaks off the values that I would bring into Reiki Sanctuary.  Flown in from Australia, it makes an interesting pre-housewarming gift.

Glass, which has a property of both solid and liquid, is all about pure transparency - that its molecules are not packed into a tight lattice and it does not contain molecules that capture light with a particular energy.  When light encounters glass, most of it passes through.

Such is the thought in this wind chime.  Not only it reflects perfectly on the words 'Joy', 'Happiness', Truth' and 'Love', it empowers the purity of the giver and synchronize to the wavelength, frequency and energy of Reiki Sanctuary.

What more can I say - 'those words' are what I had asked when I found Reiki Sanctuary.  Perhaps, this wind chime is not just a co-incident - for as long as I have often wished, and for as long as I have always felt, going back to the mountain will provide me with the peace and harmony to get away from the bustling life.  Perhaps, the truth is about to surface.  Perhaps, I am getting far too tired.

I am certain that Reiki Sanctuary will provide me deeper into joy, happiness, truth and love.

And to you, my friend, may the same values be bestowed upon you.  Thank You.

The wind chime that will stay forever to remind me of those values:

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    I am a certified Master in Traditional USUI REIKI and KARUNA REIKI. I am also a certified practitioner in MAGNIFIED HEALING and INNER DANCE.

    I have been teaching and conducting spirituality, healing and energy works (including Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Spinal Qiqong) for more than two decades.

    These are the classes I conduct:
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    a) Life / Motivational Coach
    b) Usui Reiki (all the 4 levels)
    c) Awareness Before Change
    d) Born Rich
    e) Tibetan Geomancy ** (reading and consultation)

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    In Reiki Sanctuary, we feel blessed. We feel the abundance and greatly appreciate for all that have been showered. We can only keep counting ..

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    I do not charge for doing this service; there is no fee involved. My intention is pure as I truly believe it is always good that we can attain to be with our Highest Self.

    We deserve to be healthy, peaceful and joyful.