Saturday, August 15, 2009

Say Your Name, Say My Name

Every picture may tell a story - it can take just a moment to make the connection but words are a driving medium.  A medium that entails details on a single point to be made and organize everything around it.  As in pictures, words organize non-essentials into one and categorize units of measure to round off values. 

They represent dynamic quantum energy.  For everything, other than the instinctual brains work, to represent the knowledge and feeling that it is experiencing and thinking about.  Every word, not all necessarily pronounceable, has a significant influence in our life and each serves very much as a container for what inside.  The multiple vibrations packed into a box as single thing to make life a lot simpler.

R-E-I-K-I  S-A-N-C-T-U-A-R-Y are two words named for our dwelling to be associated with love and, treated with, respect.  A name, after a placement decision, to save a spot for a restful home.  A nest to comfort all souls to protect, to provide and radiating freedom of our existence.  A name, lying wholly within the boundaries of another, distinctly marked off for specific purpose.  A higher purpose enclaves, within words, to represent itself. 

These words, thus far, are extremely advantageous in our human relationships.  Of what we had wanted it to be.  This has become, particularly, true in bringing the life force universal energy closer to us. 

Within the souls inside Reiki Sanctuary that have been experiencing the last ten months epitomizes words and contexts of the many years of concentrated qualities compared when we were in Hertford.  Of accomplishing in relatively little time the synopsis of tranquility.  Of a singular sweet assimilation to reach out towards human relationship. 

It is the start, perhaps a delayed contemplation from the past, of something that does not finish.  Few weeks back, a friend whom I had not met for a quite awhile commented that I am acting and behaving differently.  The energy that surrounds me depicts, as if on a map, a soul of accomplishment.

A friend [AF]  :  Geez, everything about you has somewhat changed.

Me  :  That I have aged?  That I am fatter?  That more wrinkle lines visible?

AF  :  Ah, that part of sarcastic you has not changed.  Still there is the silent bitch within you that loves to whine.  Oh, put it this way, it actually still loves to bark!


AF  :  No lah, there is a soul within a soul.  There's a soul yet there's none.  There's life yet it is lifeless.

Me  :  And you are confusing me.  Oh wait, you are making it sound like I am a dead man walking.  Worse, it seems that I am half a world away.

AF  :  Precisely.  In your world now, it seems to fill with nothingness.  At times, your mind seems to drift and it escapes with it a sense of calmness but your physical body emotes restlessness.

Where it didn't finish, it starts all over again.  It is all down to how our brain (seems to) works.  We accept, together with its progression to appreciate, the acknowledgement for an identifiable psychological empathy with the feelings and experiences of names. 

Names are important for they are the dynamic quantum energy of words.  The packing process that brings life and awareness of the 'self'.  The symbol that it uses to represent itself and, eventually, with sounds get associated with internal labels.  At an unspecified future time, it becomes a way by which people outside of the 'self' can take reference.  Names are the label that truly refers to the 'self'.  It brings about beautiful roaring joyous sound of magical feeling and shining a sparking life.

It has shown with 'Reiki Sanctuary'.  When it knows something, what these words come to represent, she knows of its nature and how it vibrates that name perfectly.  In a small space, 'Reiki Sanctuary' possesses knowledge and the sense of self.  There was self induced oscillation of events, synchronised a point of equilibrium, occurring because of sense of words 'Reiki' and 'Sanctuary'. 

There were already the events for three Reiki initiations, heart to soul human revelations and interactions and have been a home to few.  Words do have power.  Names are important for a person's identity.  It helps in differentiating others from each other.  It provides a worthy sense of self.

I belong to an online discussion forum and a chatroom.  In the world of sense of self, a language that dominates our lives, we coin a nickname to, probably, disguise ourselves behind the vision for our perfect self.  For appealing associations.  For evoking the right emotions.  Names are, naturally, very important to all of us.  The great motivator, Dale Carnegie and in his book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" said 'that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language'.

The more I think about my reasons for participation, the more I feel the power of actualization that we often [tend] to live in someone else's life.  In the life of the coined nickname we picked.  In the visual world which allows our personality to represent.  The label that makes us feel safe and the symbol we, unintentionally, (re)constructing for the complex visual perception task.

At this point, we lose our true identity.  We react to our nickname.  Our brain experiences something to simulate it.  Social disintegration lies on the packaging, the packing process interprets a certain amount of stereotyping, and perhaps generalization.

Everything that is empowered will have a symbol that it uses to represent itself.  We recognise others by their nicknames and refer to them with an understanding ["the visual perception"] that these nicknames are of the internal labels.  The words [the nicknames] get associated with the internal labels and become a way by which people outside of the 'self' reference them.  Very much associated with the representation in the nicknames it held.

What sealed is one individual with two splintered energies - the coined nickname and the real name.  For some reason, the visual perception simulates personal meaning and representation committed to the names.  Over times, when we allow all the people we interact to address us by our coined nicknames, our true 'self' diminishes.  Literally, we lost in the translation process.  We double take between trademarked personality from a coined nickname and the true quality of real self.

Perhaps, this is why we always feel that friendship from online forum and chatroom lacks the display for a sound social cohesion.  Of something that can last and to surpass the strengths and weaknesses of superficiality.  Of something that can be extremely advantageous in, and for, our human relationships.  For each one of us to be universally appreciated and associated with respect.

When we have become familiar with someone with his coined nickname, it will only be right that we should start to know him [better] with his real name.  To develop and nurture the real characteristics.  It will help us to minimise the missing link; differentiating personalities and characters and to prove worthy of an individual for his right labelling and representation.

Synchronicity occurs together in a meaningful manner.  For us to reveal a rich relationship amongst us - for the cause and the effect to occur together, the governing dynamic of our names must fit within our social framework.  Names are important for a person's identity, for his true self to exist.  It gives each one of us a sense of self.  Saying someone's name, as sweet, honest and sincerity, invokes the deep joy consciousness within.  Everything that is alive creates abundance.

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