Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Celebration Of Life - Part One

Sacred Space

Sometime in September, I wrote about our shopping spree in Thailand.  Titled, Because You're Loved, My Dear, the entry was about showing-off the things that we bought.  Yes, showing them off! [LOL]

I plan to celebrate this month to post lots of pictures.  Lots of Reiki Sanctuary, the 'Home'.  To show-off (again!) how she has changed, or stayed the same, all these two years.  It is about celebrating her soul and to acknowledge all the joys that she has housed us.  We moved in here on 20 October, 2008.

Life is, indeed, something.  It is going back and forth, repeating events but with different revelations.  Each time, it helps to explain the meaning on (some of the) things that we have learned in the past to a new level of awareness.  Primarily, it is about seeking us to give gratitude.  It is about getting us to raise our vibrations and then to move forward to become a better individual.

When I started to web-log, it started with Reiki Sanctuary in mind.  It was about writing a journal to trace on the progress of setting up a new home.  Then, I found VOX.  Now, history is kinda repeated.  As I am soaked with memories -  yes, I am rather sentimental this month, my new site here at Blogger (other than those writings about VOX) is filled with Reiki Sanctuary, our home.  Again, it is about wanting to write on the progress of an heaven where our souls have found comfort.

I guess the co-incidence is the bliss of the mind that I am seeking.  It is the bliss coming from Reiki Sanctuary.  I am living life here.  I am pushing my spiritually apathy to that of spiritual passion.  I am passionate about her and often just cannot help but sharing these joys with the Universe.

Reiki Sanctuary comes with a price.  We lost our beloved Ruby, walked to the Rainbow Bridge, where she only stayed here for five months.  The day when we unwrapped the barang-barang that we bought from Thailand, we actually cried.  We dearly missed her and wishing that she was around to enjoy these things too.  It was the weight of our love for her that will stay forever deep in our hearts.

I am a believer that everything brought into Reiki Sanctuary must have a proper place.  Yes, a place for everything and everything in its place.  It is about giving a sacred recognition, not of worshiping, but a form of respect since we have chosen these things to be a part of us.

Everything has vibrations and brings about peculiar characteristic.  They resemble innocent souls but can make a huge difference with the energy of the house when their placements are treated with love and care.

A house can be a potential heaven when placement of these things are created so that they can maximize the potential of an area with their presence.  It is a form of spiritual geology, an aspect of architecture and interior design to bring about the well being of our living quarters.  It is an approach to bring about harmony, peace and balance to improve the Universal's vibrations to our home environment.

Life is what we make it.  Life seems so much better with these barang-barang  and we are happy living together with them.

.. and now, time to show off their sacred space in Reiki Sanctuary:

The Ballerinas @ Living Room - TV Console Area

The Hand @ Kitchen

The Chimes @ Main Door

The Clock @ Kitchen - Display Shelf

The Clock @ Study Area - Hang above Display Shelf

The Painting @ Kitchen - "Service Area"

The Painting @ Master Toilet

The Statues @ Dining - Display Shelf

The Statue @ Master Toilet - Shower/Vanity Area

The Rugs @ Master Bedroom

The Wood Handicrafts @ Living Room - TV Console Area

The Wood Handicraft "Eternity" @ Master Bedroom - TV Console Area

The Wood Handicraft @ Coffee Table, Living Area

The Yoga a.k.a Fat Women Collection @ Kitchen - Display Shelf

The Yoga a.k.a Fat Women Collection @ Master Bedroom - TV Console Area

The Gift @ Living Room Sofa

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