Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Am So Thankful

You, my readers, make me proud.  I am just feeling so thankful.  Little I expect that I have quite a large readership.

First, forgive me for not checking my email from VOX's account.  After I migrated my blog here in Blogger on 4 September 2010, I thought that email address would no longer be active.  I have to create a new email address when I registered with Blogger.

If not for the personal messages from two forummers at Renovation Forum and one from Doggie Forum, I would probably still be in the dark.  To these people, my apologies for not checking my PM Box any earlier.

What I thought that had been done correctly isn't the way things come out.  Just after I migrated to Blogger, I posted a note to re-direct my blog here.  What I didn't realize, when VOX finally drew the curtain down, it re-directed my VOX url, to Typepad.

Typepad was my temporary site.  It was a site chosen by VOX Team to help bloggers migrate our data.

I don't quite like Typepad.  It is just personal.  I don't feel good blogging in a platform that has both the free and paid versions.  It gives me a sense of inflexibility and limited freedom when I am using the free version.  The mind will simply tell me that I could get much better things unless I start to pay for the full paid version.  To continue blogging using a free hosted platform serves me well.

Readership in October, 2010

 I shall continue to pray for us to grow together.  I am respectful for those who enjoy visiting and reading my posts.  "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart.

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