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The Celebration Of Life - Part Two

My Momma Told Me

I grew up in an OCD family.  My grandmother had it.  My mum had it.  My sisters have it.  Admittedly, so have I.

Okay, it is not a severe disorder, probably just mild, but my family tends to emphasize (okay, we tend to be rather obsessed with) cleanliness, tidiness and neatness in every part of the house.  Not only on the exterior surface of the home but what is inside the cabinets.  What is inside the wardrobe.  What is inside the drawers.  What is in between and under the sheets.  What is underneath the sofa.  Basically, every corners of the house count.

Oh wait, before anyone jumps into a conclusion that OCD is a mental dysfunction, of an abnormal mental condition or mental illness, OCD is not a thought disorder.  It can be a blessing in disguise.  It is just how we would want to look at it; to look at it from outside the box and then to look at how others come to benefit.

OCD seems to run in families and has a strong genetic basis.  Thankfully for all in my family, the condition does not affect us into performing repetitive, excessive and ritualistic compulsions.  We don't go around eeks-eeks at everything messy [okay, maybe our body language might pass a silent remark and we may tend to tidy things a little here and there] nor washing our hands at every other seconds, or checking and cleaning, but it does make us feel uneasy when mess is the order of the house.

As much as this clean, tidy and neat mindset is a big part for us, we don't make it a rule for our guests nor do we want them to abide by our OCD syndrome.  Our guests are to enjoy the peace and the comfort.  They are in our home to soak with the vitalized energy to feel positive and recharged.

In the language of the Universe, as I was planning to write this article and without her knowledge, a friend made a comment about another OCD.  She shared with me of her experience when visiting another friend, whom she would stay with for few days, to clean her luggage bag before entering the house.  To her friend, the bag was dirty after a long road trip and die-die must be cleaned before allowing it into the house.  To me, that act was an extreme OCD.

In another instant, a friend told me the stress she was put when helping me with the washed dishes and utensils after our dinner.  Where to place them and how they should be placed.  It was comical but it did give me a realization.

Probably, my family and I are just the Pure-O OCD as there are no observable compulsions.  Our minds just tend to think (in a small degree, it is a psychological hazard) that we need to live in a clean, neat and tidy house environment.  Nonetheless, we are still the sane and rational being.  It is a win-and-take situation for those staying and living with an OCD under one roof.  For one thing, the energy and vibration in a clean environment run at an optimal best where everyone will benefit.

We have always been taught on the importance to live in a clean energy.  If we have pockets of energy that are messy and cluttered, we are loaded down.  It is like carrying excess energy that we do not need.  Metaphysically, pure energy travels from the outside inward and we must ensure that the smoothness of the flow continues.

A house and the soul is interconnected and it appears to follow an overall identity related to each other.  The basic pattern of life is a network of processes.  There is a duality that goes on all time.  There cannot be a rise in spirituality, and in abundance, when there is no corresponding element in the house we stay in.  I like to believe that the combination of a clean, tidy and neat house contributes, in large scale, towards the power to bring in myriads of abundance right at our doorstep.

There is a universal blessing when we take pride in creating a clean, tidy and neat home environment.  It just comes naturally to support the life that we wish to live.  What we have done when we keep it orderly, is that we are manipulating these universal energies to maximize benefits and empower us the potential to good health, wealth and happier life.

I am glad that my mum disciplined me on the importance of keeping a home clean and tidy.  Her principle of a place for everything and everything in its place brings an uncluttered atmosphere that makes living in Reiki Sanctuary comfortable.  Our home is the place, the soul, where we relax after a whole day of work.  It is always a good feeling to come home that is clean and organized.

A clean home is as important as our health.  It brings about a place of peace.  It has positive impact on our abundance, on our goals and an overall sense of empowerment.  Generally, those who live in neat environment are generally calmer than those who don't.  And, they are generally more successful at things they try.  Simply, just look at the homes of the rich and famous and I believe we are able to see my point.

When our home is tidy and organized, there is the inner peace that we can achieve.  We rid off the sense of panic when looking for stuff, simply because we just know where to find for it.  We take charge over our belonging and not the other way around.

The three most important areas, in the house, that my mum would be very particular were our beds, bathroom and the fridge.  My mum truly believed that a clean house will invite good house guardian, the guardian of habitation.  This guardian, when respected with everything clean and orderly, will reciprocate towards the health and harmony of the house.

We must tidy our beds and made them neat everyday. It was about to give respect to the tired soul, an integration and balance into the spiritual comfort.

Our Bed in Hertford:

Okay, rather obiang but still keeping the tradition for a tidy, neat and clean bed everyday

Our Bed In Reiki Sanctuary:

The Bed @ Reiki Sanctuary

The bathroom was the heart of the house.  With a clean bathroom, she would say that our hearts would be cleansed too.  It would be a reflection to our spiritual good and practices, in our relationship to God and our spiritual growth.  A clean bathroom would be the mirror for the whole house.

Our Master Bathroom:

Master Bathroom @ Reiki Sanctuary

Our Guest Toilet:

Our Guest Toilet @ Reiki Sanctuary

Our Obiang Bathrooms in Hertford

Master Toilet
Guest Toilet

The fridge symbolized our gratitude that brought inner connection into our physical world while connected spiritually in abundance all the time.  To her, it was about being a part of the world but not of it.  She would never allow us to just dump things inside the fridge.  Her OCD made her to check for unwanted things in the fridge everyday.  Food was never stored in plastic bags but in containers.

What's Inside Our Fridge

Sometime in 2008, I web-logged about The Significance of Cleanliness, and pointed out the effects an individual can face when he lives in a disorganized and cluttered environment:

01.  It makes you feel tired and lethargic
02.  It keeps you in the past
03.  It congests your mind and body
04.  It brings confusion
05.  It affects the way other people treat you
06.  It stagnates your energy and into procrastination
07.  It causes disharmony
08.  It brings shame
09.  It puts your life on hold
10.  It can depress you
11.  It can create excess emotional baggage
12.  It dulls your sensitivity and enjoyment of life
13.  It makes you feel disorganised
14.  It triggers undesirable symbology
15.  It hinders abundance
16.  It distracts you from important things
17.  It increases financial costs

 More OCD Pictures in Reiki Sanctuary in our 2nd Year:

In and Around the Kitchen:

The Oil and Spices Area - Cooking Area

The Washing Basin Area

@ The Dry Area

The Shoe Cabinet

The Utility Area

In And Around The Dining Area:

The Dining Area Cabinet

In And Around The Guest Room:

The Guest Room Wardrobe a.k.a our Store Room

The Bedding Stuffs (for Guests)

In And Around The Study Area:

Wardrobe @ Study Area

"Study" Cabinet

 In And Around The Master Bedroom:

Part of Wardrobe

In And Around Master Bathroom:

Vanity Drawers @ Master Bathroom

To me, a clean and tidy house is like attracting my soul for all the good things that await to happen.  It is synchronizing with the Law Of Vacuum to the Law of Attractions and Vibrations.  Importantly, it is also about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

I would not choose another way to live my life.  This so-called OCD, that seems to run in my family, has made me to live a comfortable lifestyle thus far.  Yes, it may be a little bit more work each day but it is, definitely, a good way to bring in healing into my soul.  As I clean and tidy up the house, it is a positive meditative reinforcement to cleanse my thoughts, my emotions and my auric fields.

And, I thankful to my grandmother, my mother and the Universe that has gifted me with it.

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