Sunday, October 24, 2010


A PC enthusiast would probably call me an idiot.  Oh yes, there are just too many bad comments about what I have just done.  Hmm, and perhaps, I am.

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article CooL huh.  Then, I was excited when Microsoft released Windows 7 with 64 bits.  All the wait for me to upgrade my Windows XP, bypassing Vista, had finally arrived.  I was looking forward for a faster bootup and to windows new interface.

Frankly, there is nothing wrong with Windows 7.  In fact, I have always felt comfortable with most Microsoft's windows versions.  Each version is still a good operating system [OS], with exception - and it is just my opinion, of Windows Me and Vista.

You see, perhaps I am just a little too free and a little bored lately.  The combination is not making me any wiser.  It can actually be rather lethal if not handled properly.  Run of the mill boredom won't actually kill us but when the soul does not respond, it does.  As it turns out, being boring does not bring in motivation and only cause for adverse behavior to appear.

Few days back, while just window shopping, I visited the Apple Store.  The big 27-inch iMac LCD caught my eyes.  I like the graphic and the resolutions and oh!, I like the big screen too!  The LED-backlit glossy widescreen with 2560 by 1440 pixels beats all PC LCD monitors in the market.  The only competitor it has is Dell but that is another story. Geez, I thought how uncluttered my desktop screen, with many browser windows and other applications running simultaneously, can it be to have such a big LCD monitor.

The neat less wires system

The only Power wire needed to run an iMac

Things got worse as I was tidying up the wires around my PC.  It can be daunting for an OCD and a brilliant idea just pops! that I should just convert myself to Apple's iMac.  An iMac is kinda neat; it is brilliantly designed and I could save desktop space.  The only wire, should I go for wireless keyboard and mouse, is the power cord.  Now, how cool can that be for an OCD eh!

Oh, there is nothing wrong with a PC.  I still enjoy dabbling with a PC system.  Here, I can be in charge whenever I want to upgrade any devices.  Hmm, guess there's truth with Apple from its advertisement.  Indeed, I am getting old.  It occurs to me that I am upgrading less and I hardly monitor nor surf Hardware zone much lately.  Plus, I am not a gamer and the only game that I would probably indulge is the online mahjong game from Viwawa site.

Bad (Controversial) Apple Advertisement

Apple's controversial advertisement

Undeniably, a Mac OS is still virus free to-date but upgrading hardware for a PC system seems easier and cheaper.  I believe there is limited hardware support from accessory vendors that are not Apple.

While Windows 7 comes with Aero Peek, Mac has these animated icons that just make the OS interface livelier.  Haha, probably it is the 'young' thing.  Damn, advertisement does have psychological impact!

I am not going to give up PC.  I am not going to give up Windows 7.  This combo has served all my computing needs well.  Yes, why should I give up something that has worked all these years, a system that has well provided and served me, and to thread on another unfamiliar ground?  Just not now.  While evolution, with all the frequencies of thoughts and appearances change over time, it does not imply that my beliefs need to change too.

A Mac enthusiast might say that I can install windows 7, a dual boot, in Mac.  But, I would rather choose to have a Mac interface works with Windows 7 instead.  And not when I am still enjoying my 24-inch Samsung LCD.

.. but my boredom continues.

Just the other day, while surfing for more information about iMac, i stumble on a website, to transform Windows 7 interface to Mac OS X Snow Leopard.  It is a Windows 7 transformation pack where it changes the entire user interface to Mac OS X including the welcome screen, visual style, icons, wallpapers, sounds and dock.

Brilliant!  The Universe just conspires!  All I need is just to have a change in user interface.  Guess, it is spicing my boredom a little.  Whoever the creator is, I am thankful.  It is a good job done.  And for now, I am just loving it.

My New User Interface - Leopard in Windows 7 on Samsung 24-inch LCD


As Apple ads goes, I guess it is alright, to evolve, for me to think young while changing nothing inside.  And, I just keep loving it.  Oh, for now la!

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