Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Celebration Of Life - Part Three

Happy Anniversary, Reiki Sanctuary!

Two years on, and on this date, we sit back to give our deepest gratitude to such a beautiful memorable day.  It is the day where a sanctuary makes its way into our life.  It has been a place where strength is built and hope is constantly teaching us as how to live through our journey onwards, restoring us to faith.  It is a place to envelope us in caring and love.

Reiki Sanctuary alters us.  She awakens us.  Our souls begin to notice beauty where we never noticed it before.  Our hearts learn to feel compassion.  Our paths shift.  As we make more prayers today, we seek for encouragement to live up to the potential that life offers.

We pray for the presence of the Universe, of God, in our lives.  It is a prayer, not for a request, but for our ultimate experience.  It is for a sense of being connected, of being part of something larger than ourselves.  It is our prayer towards an attempt to be in the presence of God.  And, letting our soul to dance towards our higher consciousness and awareness.

Every day, we are given the opportunity to remake ourselves and to remake the world we live in.  No matter what these opportunities are meant to be, we embrace with its potential to grow and learn and change.  No matter what the days may offer, we strive for its potential to give all that we have to offer.

 Today, let us to remember that Reiki Sanctuary is a gift, that our health is a blessing.  Teach us to see all the beauty of life that we so often ignore and to listen to the silent longing of our own soul.  Fill our hearts with compassion and open our hearts to love.

We are celebrating her second year with the presence of a grand water fountain.  It is our way of thanking her.  Water assumes many forms and characteristics.  It is essential to our existence.  The sound of water brings peace and serenity to her energies and vibrations.

The Dancing Couple (Infinity) Water Fountain

Reiki Sanctuary is our blessed home, for the last two years and for the many years ahead.  Whether we would want to realize it or not, we are walking our soul journey here.  We may be unconscious about it but at some point, we would be ready to find much grandeur meaning and purpose in our lives.  It would then that we awaken to the inner need to express the love that is the soul within.  That we develop and heal our consciousness and to discover our soul purpose.

Reiki Sanctuary is about trust, intuition, self-healing, creativity, expression, purpose and universal laws.  As my neighbour would say, let the pictures (and video) speak of it all:

The Video - Reiki Sanctuary, Two Years On

More Pictures [Two Years On ... ]

The Main Gate

The Gate .. as you are about to enter ..

The Main Entrance

With "The Magokoro" (Pure Heart) Painting guarding the Main Entrance

Divider between the main entrance and the Dining Area

The Living Room

The sitting area with the new Dancing Couple water fountain and the Explosion of Joy painting

The TV Console area with all the wood handicrafts from Bangkok

The Balcony

The Right Side

The Left Side

The Dining Area

The left side towards Kitchen

The right side towards Guest and Master Bed rooms

The Guest Room

Facing the Dining Area

The Storage Bench

The Master Bedroom

The Wardrobe Area and the Walkway to Study Room

The Wood Divider providing privacy when we are resting on the bed

The TV area and the open-concept Master Toilet

Ah, the comfort of the king-sized bed

The Master Toilet

The open-concept toilet with the vanity and the shower area

The 'business' area

The Study Room

Where we spend most of our time ..

The storage bench and cabinet [left]

The Kitchen Area

The Black and White Kitchen

The Wet Area

The Dry Area

The mini Service Yard

The Guest Toilet

The Shower Area - right side

The 'business' area

For more her pictures, go to Pictures - Two Years On ...

A quote from Mother Teresa, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other".  Today, and from time to time, we pray that Reiki Sanctuary shall be D place for us to think and to heal.  It shall be a sanctuary where the soulful beauty of thoughts, of actions and wisdom bless us and enable us to bless our lives in return.

Shall this day remind us that we have led a blessed life.  That we should focus on the wonderful things going on in our life.  Tomorrow, whether it is good or not so good, will still be there.  We just have to welcome every opportunities and take the challenges to be our lifetime lesson for our highest good.

Thank You, Reiki Sanctuary.  You are cared and loved.

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