Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Conspiracy

Life is a wheel in an endless cycle.  When we are to sit back and to analyze our life events and situations, there are repeated patterns that keep repeating itself.  There are repeated expressions of an endless cycle of our existence and knowledge.  There are repeated endless cycle of repeating actions and thoughts.

Every beginning is the end is the beginning is the end.  Our consciousness is a continuum of awareness.  Each moment is an experience of an individual mind state such as a thought, a memory, a feeling or a perception.  A mind state arises, exists and, being impermanent, ceases following which the next mind state arises.

I truly believe in this wheel of life; The Cycle.  It can either work for or against us.  It is, in a bigger picture (only when we allow to view it as so) a reminder of the life to come.  A sign of eternal renewal and the re-emergence of life.  It is an eternal recurrence, or Eternal Return, where the Universe keeps recurring and will continue to recur in a self similar form.

We will go through a cycle once in every ten or twelth years depending on the depth and state of an evolved consciousness.  It depends on the mental and spiritual capacity of each individual.  It depends on the birth, life and death from which one seeks liberation.  However, the time cycle is not fixed.  To some, the eternal recurrence can happen in a short brief of time.  And others, to be a longer period.

Our stream of consciousness evolves in this cycle in a wheel and is repeated over and over again.  That this cycle will just keep repeating in our life until we have truly understood the situation and why it has happened again and again.  The entire process of change from one state to the next, for the better, requires a state of awareness and acceptance.  It is then followed with the bare attention to own and let go, without allowing the events to interfere with the presence.  It is, at this stage, that we allow the cause of events to lead to a renewed and reformed consciousness.

We often are faced with a challenge.  Unfortunately, many people will just look to change the circumstances in order to change the result.  The sad thing, even if the circumstances and results can be altered, the cycle of life is not.  What is happening here is that we are not getting to the bottom of the reasons for the repeated results.

It operates in the Universe as the continuous chain reaction of cause and effect.  It is not only confined to causation in the physical sense but also it has moral implications.  A good cause leads to a good effect; a bad cause leads to a bad effect.

There are many repeated cycles throughout our life's journey.  There is a cycle of sin, of bondage, of repentence, of devotion and then followed by sin and bondage again.  There is also a cycle of joy, of happiness, of peace and then followed by more joy and deeper and higher state of peace.  Constantly, we give off physical and spiritual life forces in all directions.  Just as in physics, we learn that no energy is ever lost; only that it changes form.  It is the common law of conservation of energy.

Similarly, spiritual and mental actions are never lost.  They are simply transformed.    All of our actions, all of our thoughts and all of our words in turn affected by influences coming in our direction.  We are, basically, the sender and receiver of all these influences.  With each action-influence, we send out and at the same time receives.

It is not a surprise when such a concept is applied to our world of wealth and abundance.  When we let go of the small things, the consciousness of wealth and abundance opens a bigger door.  When we are so afraid to spend, we cannot expect to pitch for better and bigger outcome and result.  When we want to create wealth, we need to understand what it is.

What we are and who we have become is entirely dependent on what we think.  It depends on how much we allow this thought to expand.  It depends on how much awareness we allow it to transform.  To allow it to metamorphosize.  The nobility of our character is dependent on our good thoughts, actions and words.  At the same time, if we embrace degrading thoughts, those thoughts invariably influence us into negative words and actions.

One common repeated scenario I hear from some unhappy souls is 'I keep feeling sad and angry about myself'.  Only when these souls can find the light that a cycle is broken.  The thing that we need to seek constantly is to look for the positive in all situations.  There is positive and negative in everything.  Unfortunately, very often, our perception is lopsided.

Our perception is a very fluid concept.  What we see as real is only defined by our belief structure.  Our version of what is real is only our perception of it; not what it is so.  We just have to keep an open mind at all times and to remember that a point view is always valuable to each individual.  We see the world, not as it is, but as we are.

The key here is in getting to a point where we truly understand the events.  We need to recognize them as gifts or opportunities the situations have given us.  In this situation where one finds himself to be repeatedly sad and angry, he does not ask the basic question Why?  He does not get to the bottom of the reasons for the repeated results.  At the same time, he does not exercise the choice to choose his perception.  A positive thinker will choose to see the event as something that can inspire him to make something more of his life.

We need to realize that everything is to happen for good reasons.  There would always be people that will keep hurting our feelings.  There would always be situations that break our patience.  However, these are events that will establish for the right mindset for any opportunities ahead.  These are the gifts and opportunities before a change can take place, before a cycle can be broken.

Another example, we might have a persisting pain in our body.  Maybe, the gift is letting go of our stubbornness and finally going to see a doctor to get it fixed.  Maybe, it is to give us a higher pain threshold?  Maybe, it is to learn to meditate to heal ourselves?

Our challenges that we face everyday in life will follow us until we can extract the gift and to declare our gratitude when they happen.  I have, in my journey as a healer, many conversations with individuals on a daily basis and one of the common themes is the thought that 'if I am in a different place, would not I have any of these problems'.

We may not have those exact same problem but we will continue to face challenges whatever our situations may be.  Whether we are able to see it now or not, challenges in life are the things that make us grow.  Challenges will differ from pasture to pasture but will be there nonetheless.

We should live today not to be a slave of our past.  Not to be a slave of our negative perceptions.  We should live today to make the shift.  To make the difference.  We need to invoke a feeling of intense drive, a feeling of excitement, a feeling that a personal triumph is to come at the end of the challenge.

A broken cycle will free our soul.  A renewed cycle offers the land of wealth and abundance.  Today, we have come to the New World where consciousness is right in front of us.  It is any where and every where.  We need to raise our vibrations to feel it.  We need to raise our vibrations to fully shift our paradigm.

This is my prayer, as this article is written, to reach out to each of you as you are reading it.  It is about accepting the power within.  It is about living with new consciousness, new beginning.

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