Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Thailand Story - Part Two

Life's a riddle.  Shine a bright light on your blind spot.

I am startled, but not so much a surprise, at the following events that take place almost everytime I am back from Thailand.  Call it an irony or just pure co-incidental happening but it surely brings about something to think.  Something to ponder about and to create a state of mindfulness.  Of what I have become.  Of what opportunities to come.  How little things, particularly some gadgets in Reiki Sanctuary, can just go bonkus.  How when these things were perfectly fine, and working well, just before my departure?

Just the other day, the Universe showed not one but twice, on her subtle language to jolt my understanding.  To let me to S.I.T. (Sit, Inhale and Think), probably asking me to take notice and to become aware of impending directed conscious energy ahead.  It calls for observation. 

I measure life events, every synchronicity of events, to be a purposeful guide to life.  I live, and want to live, my life to be so much in Celestine Prophecy.  In the flow towards revolutionize our wisdom, I must set my sights high, the higher the better.  I must expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now.  I need to realize that nothing is too good.  That I must allow absolutely nothing to hamper or hold me up in any way.

Two days after coming back from Thailand, one of our PC had problem.  And, four days after coming back from Thailand, our iMac - which was only five months old, had problem.  Out of the ordinary, these machines acted strangely.  Both were unable to boot up.  Both gave a blank screen with beeping sounds when switched on.  Both had Random-access Memory (RAM) issues.

Random-access Memory, as described in Wiki, is a form of computer data storage.  It takes the form of integrated circuits that allow stored data to be accessed in any order in a constant time, regardless of its physical location and whether it is related to the previous piece of data.  RAM is often associated with volatile types of memory where its stored information is lost if the power is removed.

RAM is considered 'random access' because we can access any memory cell directly if we know the row and column that intersect at that cell.  Basically, it is just like turning on the tap to let the water flow into a bucket.  This bucket needs to have a memory controller to refresh once it is filled.

Perhaps, the lesson here is about letting go.  Perhaps, it is about to embrace what Thailand is all about, the Universal connections thus far for me, and to experience it in a different path of totality.  Perhaps, it is suggesting a new wholeness and entirety of what the windings and turnings in a road that we face each day and that these events cannot be ignored or avoided.  Just as in the case of the RAM, it is probably guiding a conscious energy to flush out the old memories and to take in what is ahead with new perspective.

One's memory can have an impact to one's peace.  A thing is complete when we can let it be.  Disillusionment with ourselves must precede enlightenment.  We just need to learn our lessons quickly and move on.  Peace is said to be found when we stop searching for it.  We cannot stop the circles in the surface of water nor how can we try to wash water.  As long and so long we are to be pre-occupied to find it that we shall fail to live.  We are who we are and I am not you and you are not me.

Perhaps, Reiki Sanctuary has become too much Thai when she is designed not to be.  She has her own flavour, mind, spirit, body and the soul and needs to be mindful of her own consciousness.  It is about living in the right here and now.  It is about appreciating what is around in the present.

I have become rather fixated with shopping in Thailand.  It is about filling up spaces to enhance Reiki Sanctuary that probably she is now choked.  Physical beauty has its limit.  One can just do so much to sustain it and it has to fade away some day, like it or hate it.  I have to just let it pass and build on new inspirations.  Perhaps, her memory storage has enough of enough for the time.

As done in my previous trip, I went on another rampage with shopping this time around again.  I have become very accustomed to JJ Mall shopping complex (after much recce at MBK Center) and, as usual, it is a fun filled day just browsing at Thai handicrafts, arts and paintings, antiques, home decor and more.  Conveniently located just next to the Handicraft section of the big Chatuchak Weekend Market district, the whole area has become one vast place to take pleasure.

JJ Mall Shopping Complex (far left) and the Handicraft Section, Chatuchak Weekend Market (right)

But somehow, shopping this time had its own thread-and-thrum.  There were occasions that I had to think hard.  There were occsaions where the good and the bad, the virtues and the vices had to be addressed.  There was a totality where one cannot just pushed the limits any further.  There was the point, or line, beyond which something else cannot or may not proceed.  The RAM choked and so was, probably, Reiki Sanctuary.

The Shopping:

The Meditation

The Flowers

The REIKI Life-Forces

The Thinking Man and Mother-and-Child

The Dining Table Accessories

The Flying "Huat" Ornaments

The Bamboo Chime

.. and where they are all housed in Reiki Sanctuary:

at the Balcony

at the TV Area, Living Room

at Dining Area, with new carpet laid, Dining Room

at Guest Toilet

at Living area, with new laid carpet, Living Room

Perhaps, just as written by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in The Tantra Vision (Volume 1):

Just look next time you are having some trip and riding a problem - just watch.  Just stand aside and look at the problem.  Is it really there?  Or have you created it?

Look deeply into it, and you will suddenly see it is not increasing.  It is decreasing; it is becoming smaller and smaller.

The more you put your energy into observation, the smaller it becomes.  And a moment comes when suddenly it is not there .. you will have a good laugh.

It was good while it lasted, indeed.

[Lookout for the third part soon ... ]

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