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The Mantra of Great Compassion

The God in me greets the God in you;
for peace, for joy and for enlightenment


This writing is my personal voice.  It is not meant to imply nor, of any means, to influence in reorganizing and redirecting in the faith of God.  It is based on my own conviction, of my own experience and in its truth that is very personal.  It is how I embrace God within and how I strongly believe in His existence that has guided my ways of life thus far.

No, as many have asked me again and again, I am not a Buddhist.  Nor am I a Christian.  I respect these two and all other major religions.  I respect in the holy book, Quran to the Muslims; the Bible to the Christians and Tipitaka to the Buddhists.  For the record, I have not studied them much but enough to understand its importance and how the words of God, in all these books, can help individuals like me to lead a good life.

I am a believer of ONE God.  To me, there is this great mysterious entity that resides in the Universe.  And, he resides in all of us too.  He can be at anywhere at any given one time.  He is outside as well as inside us.  I call him God.  I like it when the word 'Allah' is used.  This word is the perfect description of the 'one god' of monotheism for Jews, Christians and Muslims.  "Allah" is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Bible, centuries before Islam came. 

God has always been there for me, one who created me and giving me life on this Earth.  I live with a soul within the soul of His image.  I am created from His breath having both a material body and an immaterial spirit.  I am to live in His likeness mentally, morally and socially.

Mentally, I have been given a mind.  This is a reflection of God's intellect.  Morally, I have been implanted with righteousness.  Our conscience or moral compass is a vestige of God.  Socially, I am created for fellowship.  This reflects God's love.

The difference between us is huge.  While He has given me a mind to diffuse my intelligence, to use it correctly and effectively with pride and purpose, all that I have to do is to constantly remind myself to act and think like God does.  Light attracts light.  Along with the mind, He gives me the freewill to do whatever I shall deem right for my being.  He created a clone alongside my spirit, called EGO, for whom I should identify and accept and to separate between the good and evil.

I have to live my life wisely.  It is the good that attracts another good.  It is the bad that attracts another bad.  It is the light that attracts the Law of Vibration and Attractions.  It is just the order of God in wanting us to know ourselves better.  I have to live my life the way He wants it to be.  I have to learn and keep re-membering significant events to make any difference.  There is good in all things bad and there is bad in all things good.

It is important for me to be in love yet to understand what hate is.  It is important for me to be in joy yet to understand what sorrow is.  It is important for me to be wise yet to understand what ignorance is.  It is important for me to be peaceful yet to understand what violence is.  It is important for me to be positive yet to understand what negative energies can effect my life differently.

I often take a stand that God is with all of us, here and everywhere.  He does not separate us nor does He differentiate each of us.  Each of us - despite our color and race, our nationality and profession, our size and age, our intellect and language - deserves His protection and admiration.  Each of us deserves His guidance and punishment.  Each of us deserves the Heaven that He has promised.  Each of us deserves in all the beauties of this Earth.  Likewise, He does not keep away the truth about hell.

I grew up rather puzzled at our struggles.  Every major religion claims that there is one god, that this god is omnipresence.  Yet, religion has taught many of us the exact opposite.  The man, whom we call a priest, at any religious institution - be it the Church, the Mosque or the Temple, speaks of God.  Each teaches us to be good.  Each guides us to live with our moral conscience.  We, no matter what religion we are to live with, have been countlessly told to be a good person.  To love and not to hate.  To care and not to despise.  To give and not to steal.  Never that these men, from the Church, from the Mosque and the Temple, would ask us to live like a sinner.

My question, if these men truly believe in God's works and existence and where each of them spreads to us to live life morally good, is not that there is the same God that has given these men with the same wisdom?  How can we justify that one is more right than the other?  Why are their virtues of life and values sound so much alike?  The saddest thing I heard so far is when one man could say that the other man who is preaching exactly the same thing is a sinner.  That this sinner has no place in God's Heaven, in God's Temple of Spirits.

Who then is right?

Ultimately, it is about looking inward with greater understanding.  It hits me that there is one God, the same God in all churches, mosques and temples.  Men makes the division.  Perhaps, it is just the way Man has always been.  That, with our ego, we are better off taking charge to control others.  It is easier to condemn another.  History has always proven that we complicate matters better than simply to just live life.  We tend to go overboard with our thoughts and over-analyze anything that must only suit our interests.

To me, God has always been with me the whole time.  He is part of me, or rather that I am a part of him.  When I look at the way of the clouds, at the way the water flows, when I look at the flowers, when I breathe and smell the air, or the way atoms bond together to form molecules.  The way the music sounds.  the way light travels.  Every single detail of this existence we live in everyday, every person inside it.  Every atom, every form of energy, the Conscious Mind.

Me.  You.  Thought.  These are all God.  Every last thing in existence too.

Heaven, as well as Hell, are here on Earth and in our daily existence to experience.  We do not have to wait till we die to know the effects upon our acts and conscience.  We do not have to wait that long to experience God's rewards and punishments.  In our freewill, we have to make the right choice.  We have to understand what constitutes God's likeness in our mental, moral and social duties.

My passion for the Buddhist Monk's The Mantra of Great Compassion is about the soothing voices and the soothing music.  It does not matter to me what it is actually being recited.  It is always better not to know than to analyze it with fear.  It is enough for me to understand that it is about calling out the different names of Buddha.

I respect Buddha and that does not make me a Buddhist.  It is his codes and ethics of teaching that inspire me.  Then, It is enough for me to listen to this piece of music to allow his vibrations to become me.

For few of my friends who have been waiting to have this music, here it is ..

The Mantra of Great Compassion
- Buddhist Monks -

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