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The Thailand Story - Part One

It was good while it lasted.

In my previous writing, The Conspiracy, I mentioned about The Cycle of repeated endless cycle in our lives.  About an eternal recurrence that takes place every ten or twelfth years.  It has great influence and created a causal inference in our journey.  In our life.  It is the cause for something similar to repeat unless we take charge to break the cycle from happening again.  We need to heighten our awareness to break away the samsaric continuous flow from deepening our sufferings.

I have always enjoyed visiting Thailand.  Put aside her current political situation, the country has a certain calming energy.  Naturally, it transforms the mind, heals the soul and creates a light vehicle to better serve the soul's true purpose.  Perhaps, it has to do with the thousands of stupas all around.  A stupa is a mound-like structure said to contain Buddhist relics, typically the remains of Buddha.  It is used by nearly 95% of Thai Buddhists as a place of worship.  Perhaps, in such a big critical mass, it raises the vibrational spiritual state of consciousness.

Thailand has always been a place for me to expand my consciousness.  It allows me to flow in the density of paradigm conformity and I often get trapped in the fluid consciousness.  It is, as if, a place of reality paradigm designed to serve my human soul.  Two decades ago, I made an impact on someone to shift his thought paradigm and gave him a new perspective on how to live his life then.  A decade ago, I left an imprinted diversion pertaining to higher forces to some individuals and led me to recognize the person whom I had become.

For what that had taken place, in the past two decades, I shall observe the events today with gratitude.  It was good while it lasted.  Surely, the conscious energy had its own vast intelligence out of which everything else shall evolve.  We should let the consciousness interleaved in our awareness and take charge to bask on what had to be good for the soul.  It had confined to my physical and material experiences and, undoubtedly, challenged my consciousness to understand and making sense of it.

This time round, my visit to Thailand interfaced between meeting an old friend (whom I have not met for the last ten years or more) and a diverse group interaction where much of the reality of continuous energy flow is to be experienced all over again.  I was brought to experience Amphawa in a common boundary south of the previous tour to the Thai State, Hua Hin.  When Hua Hin blew me the wind of limit, Amphawa sought an understanding of balance.

Bangkok - Pattaya - Bangkok - Amphawa - Bangkok

Hua Hin lured with an understanding to seek for the fullness of humanity.  It reflected who I was in a different context.  It was a trip that brought out a personal freedom.  It triggered the undesirable emotions, or behaviours, in me and resulted with building an inner armour to shield myself towards a more significant life.  It was perhaps a trip fitted with Carl Jung's saying that "everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding about ourselves".

I liked Amphawa.  It was a place that revealed true emotion.  It was a place where another friend, through an SMS that I received during my local stay in one of the many homestays there, expressed it was "life".  Indeed, in that language of the universe, she was right and spot-on.  Where I stayed at Ban Mae Nam, it was an ideal place for a little soul retreat.

I envisioned of conducting a little retreat here.  I wished to open doors of mind and heart.  Indeed, this place was ideal to have a closed door for people who wished to reflect.  To 'go home' into the soul. It reminded me so much of my retreat in Janda Baik, Malaysia.

Ban Mae Nam spoke the language of the universe with its slogan - "A perfect blend of new and old".  It reflected on how much my emotions and spirituality intertwined.  It was about moderation yet it reminded me on life options.  As though the slogan was there to post a sign where I could probably be, yet again, at a mid point between now and Hua Hin.

The Sign and the slogan "A perfect blend of new and old"
The Unit that can fit Kings and Queens and few consorts
Overall, a good clean room with quite a big toilet area
Back yard, with door from the toilet area

Pool Area and Reception
"The Relaxing Corner" and where we had our breakfast

(Room package includes local home-made breakfast, a boat ride of Amphawa River Tour to the Floating Market, a visit to a popular temple Wat Chula Manee and Fireflies night view along the river)

Amphawa was still very much Thai.  It was still relatively unknown among Western tourists.  There must have been thousands of people there but I didn't spot any Westerners during my stay.  This was where the Thai tourists, particularly from Bangkok, come to experience the real floating market.  Amphawa Floating Market had its own touch of  colours and smells.  There were just so much local things and a wide varieties of local Thai delicacies and handicrafts.

The Vendors
Yummy! Yum Yum Yum!
Oops!!! What a dampener here!

Visiting the Mae Klong railway tracks Market, in Amphawa, spelt the word 'Simplicity'.  It was said that if we really wanted to experience the day-to-day life of the Thai People, we should go to the local fresh market.  I was given that opportunity.  It was such an interesting sight.  Here, on both sides of the railway track, there were locals selling a wide range of their agricultural produce, including fruits, as well as fresh seafood.  The train ran four times a day in each direction.

Mae Klong Railway Market or as the Thai said it Talad Rom Hoop was simply that.  The local vendors would go about their daily activities setting up and erecting stalls but quickly pulled down their stall's umbrella or awning when the train passed by.

What an interesting experience! - Unique Thailand

Looking back at this recent trip, I have only this sentence in mind - It is not about the destination, it is the journey.  Yes, it is a journey with all inadvertent gestures that will create another life force.  It is a journey to carry with lessons and hopefully life will go on without too much disruptions.

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