Monday, November 28, 2011

The Last Lap

Do you get dressed out of the laundry basket?

I am happy, well at this stage of the year, that I have met my goal.  Well, you see, sometime last year I was chatting with my dearest indigo friend, JH that I would want to write as much as four entries a month.  I shared with him the reasons why I wanted to do so.  Why these writings were important to me and be a part of the Universe.  I told him that it would be my voice to reach out, to be heard and alas, to get what I would (always) be looking for.

It is not about sharing my thoughts on earth.  It is not about teaching another human nor to motivate him/her.  It is not about feeding my ego.  It is not about nourishing and creating my hunger greed nor providing an enrichment to my insatiable appetite.

It is about creating myself.  It is about me in the mirror.  I need to look at myself, observe and reflect.  I believe that by being the person that I want to be - loving, compassionate, inquisitive - I am adding essences to my spirit.  It is about conviction and a belief.  I have always felt a spiritual connection to the Universe.

I believe in heaven on earth.  That I make my life here and now, that I live this life for the here and now and not living it for the hope that I might be given something greater later on.  There is a saying, "We get what we are looking for".  Yes, we all do get what we look for.  The more we appreciate and be thankful, things just multiple.  I just have to feed my soul with conscience and to guide it with wisdom and morality.  The Universe will then conspire, allow and flow with the appropriate opportunities into our desires and wants.

I am part of the Universe.  I am privileged to experience the beauty and wonders out from my mortal life.

A Universe, to me, is the totality of everything that exists.  All there is including all matter and energy and all there is in the mind filled with desires and wants.  The evidence of my senses tells me of this magnificent Universe.  I feel affinity to the Universe.  It is sacred, intelligent and significant creation. 

However, allow me to express a little here about the Universe and what it stands for.

Throughout my writing, I have often used the word 'Universe'.   How she (let's just address it with a gender noun) exists but what importance does her presence is to me?  A Universe is a vast empty space around us that consists of the solar system, the stars and the galaxies.  Some would also include the intergalactic space and the world we live in together with all nature that surround us.  Basically, it is a huge wide open space that holds everything from the smallest particle to the biggest galaxy.

It is here that all of THE everything is stored.  It is a big totality vacuum field of tangible and intangible matters and energies.  I dearly term it 'Abundance'.  It, and the way I would want to describe it, is God's store house.  It is a vast and huge organized house.  It is accessible.  It is obtainable.  It is readily reached.  Nothing, in this store house, is left empty.  Every space is maximised and every corners are utilised.

The Universe stands between me and God.  Where Mother Earth is my earthly home, or more a school for me to learn lessons and redeem awareness and realization, than there is a divine majestic palace where God is.  Therefore, the Universe is not God but His possessions.  I do not worship Universe but I respect it, its law and its working.  I am in total awe of and in love with it.  Just the way, I am in total awe and in love with God.

I believe that I am an interconnected part of it.  I am just a tiny strand in its totality, part of the Universe and part of God.  I know the Universe is alive, and that I am to it and an intrinsic part of a greater whole. 

At the heart of having this blog is the bridge to link me to God.  To be in one-ness to His nature.  To have conversation with Him.  To be closer.  To be home.  This blog has proven to me that it is reachable and no longer mysterious.  I am always filled with joy and experience tremendous peace when I let my mind 'talking' to him through writing an entry.

Often, I believe I am heard.  There are wonderful experiences, and rewards, emerging after a writing.  They may not always be in tangible forms but I feel the essence of life in my bones.  I learn to respect and get along with each other to make life better and to make this earth a positive place to live in.

I learn what is love, what is respect, what is patience.  I also learn what is hate, what is anger, what is disappointment and sorrow.  This blog, with its intention, creates doors to my awareness, my strength and my weakness.  It opens up consciousness guiding my perspective.

I have this blog entry in mind for the last few weeks.  I want it to be last entry for this month to honor my achievement and to write a little of its intention.  Today, the goal to write four entries per month has been achieved.  In fact, it overruns. 

Few days ago, when I decided on the title of this blog, I received an email from a friend.  It is a wonderful synchronicity.  It is God's voice telling me that I have always been heard.  This is what I received:

God, Speak To Me:

The importance in acknowledging the Universe is about to live life.  It affirms my purpose.  It teaches me that God does not work mysteriously.  It has to do with the way I think, act and put my intention forward.  It is how I allow myself to participate my emotions and my thoughts to work in tandem that forge the results I have asked for.

There are no secrets when I put my faith in the Universe.  Everything vibrates and attracts accordingly with my dominant thoughts.  When and where there are things not accomplished have nothing to do with the Universe not allowing.  It has to do with her compassion towards me.  It has to do with her way of telling me that I have not learned the virtues (of ownership) yet.

The Universe, to me, is a perfect combination of rational thinking and nature oriented spirituality.  My pursuit of an accurate understanding of the Universe is a spiritual journey.  It is about recognizing God and His abundance.  More importantly, it is about acknowledging His might and His love.

Reiki Sanctuary, the blog, is my way to communicate with God and to remain conscious of the joy and the wondrousness of existence.  I feel a growing sense of connectedness every time I spend time here.  It is often deeply emotional, a kind of trust in a unity which embraces everything.

Here, I feel one.  Here, I feel the real connection.  Here, I believe in being able to see, smell, taste, hear and touch my soul and my spirit with all God's abundance through the Universe.

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