Friday, July 29, 2011

Moon Temple

You have no idea how much I love all the people that I know.  They know even less.

I tell myself, for today, I shall live for my Being.  For my consciousness.  For my awareness.  For my light.  I am born alone and I shall leave this world alone too.   Aloneness is our very nature though we are not fully aware of it.

I tell my breath, for today, to live as though it is its last.  Yesterday is the past.  It has passed.  Today, I shall live in the now.  For today needs to be created for all the other days ahead to follow.

I tell my body, for today, to heighten all its senses to enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth.  The Gaia of all the wondrous things around me.  Oh, what a beautiful world it will be. 

I tell my mind, for today, just to focus on the dominant thought and not to fret on small things.  Whatever I make, whatever I do, I am in-charge.  I am responsible for my joy, for my peace and for all the blessings into everything possible.

I tell my soul, for today, to reach out to God.  To be one with Him, to be Him.  For in Him, I will be able to feel my soul.  For in Him, I shall embrace the highest good that it flows easily back to me.  For in Him, nothing can disturb the calm and peace of my soul, and of the world I live in.

I yearn to be intimate with my soul.  To feel the light of consciousness.  To feel the light growing and glowing.  That it shall not fade, not even for the slightest moment.  The more I can be one with it, i know I will be able to feel the highest intensity of tranquility, of silence - the infinite ultimate energy.

For today, I  must admit failure.  I must admit how fragile my Being has been.  I must admit on the imperfections to be truly human.  I have been constantly filled with unnecessary tension based on judgments about the past and the expectations about the future.

I fail to fill my heart with constant joy.  I fail to occupy my mind with persistent peace.  I fail in extending love.  I fail in providing faithful and loyal strength.  I fail to live in the now.  I fail to keep things steady.  I fail to let the light stays permanent.  The less I live in the past and of the future, the more I shall be able to see the brilliance of the present.

I have to be a Nowist.
To learn about living in the Now-ness.
Would not it be wonderful if nothing else matters?

Am I really grateful for all the things that have come in contact with my soul?  Am I really grateful for being who I am?  For being awake.  For being aware.  For being conscious.  I am alive.  I am life.  I let life live me.

I am so thankful to where my life has brought me today.  I am so thankful for the journey.  I am so thankful for the days, the weeks, the months and the years.  There is nothing that I would want to change them all.  All the experiences and insights are just necessary.  They are designed As Is.  They begin with being present to what is and without any self deception.  I am so thankful for the fall and rise.

I am so thankful for having a loving family, for having my parents, for having my sisters.  I am so thankful for the spirit, the energy, the virtues.  I am so thankful to be a part of the big thing.

I am so thankful for knowing all my friends, near and far.  Here and before.  I am so thankful to Alan, my spiritual master.  I am so thankful to Pi, a spiritual friend.  I am so thankful to Amina, a spiritual comrade.  I am so thankful to Franky, my spiritual soulmate.

I am so thankful to the beautiful skies, through thick and thin, that bring many more friends closer.  There are Molly, Ann, Peg, Greg, Norin, Jianhong .. and the many many more.  These are the people that have come into my live, though some may have quickly go.  They leave their footprints in my heart.  And, I am never, ever the same.

I am so grateful for the Ayam Penyet that I had for dinner earlier in the week.  I am so grateful for the bed, for the vacuum cleaner, for the fibre broadband.  I am so grateful for Reiki Sanctuary.  I am so grateful that I do with the house cleaning.  I am so grateful for the lift upgrading program.

I am blessed that I can walk fine and think fine.  I am blessed that I can choose to separate my thoughts.  I am blessed that I can focus.  That I am aware.  That I am connected to infinite intelligence.  I am blessed that I know I am more than my mind.  I am blessed I am Being.  I am Source.

Love is a never ending stream.  And so is my unwanted sorrow.  Each energy fans the flame of my breath.  In each moment of my consciousness.  In each ray of light deeps into the moon temple of my emotions.

How it evolves with each waking moment.  In my present.  In my body.  I feel it through my breath flowing in and out, effortlessly filling my lungs, my veins, my brain.  I can feel its life within me.  I am connected to these energies.  I am connected to its Being.  I am connected to its Source.

For today, I shall empower a magnifying healing to both my outer and inner worlds.  I shall empower to take, and gain, control of my breath.  I shall be committed to live life with joy, abundance and compassion.  I should be connected to my ways of sitting, standing, sleeping, speaking and acting.

It is only through a constant deep felt appreciation of the value and miracle of being itself that my live will take on real meaning.  That my relationship with others will become imbued with intelligence and compassion.  That I will find effective solutions to the ever growing problems I am facing.

For today, I should shine on the moon temple towards the direction of the sun.  There is light to everything, even in darkness.  There is joy in peace.  There is peace in joy.  There is happiness in sorrow.  There is sorrow in happiness.

We just know that it is all essential to life.  It breathes an immense importance not only to physical life, but to the very meaning of what we are and what we can become.

I should shine on reality, on spirituality and on consciousness.  I can only see the light when I allow the breath of life to manifest fully through me and others.  This is the beginning of real transformation, both for myself and for the world around me.

And it all begins with awareness of the breath.  It begins with the moon temple of our body as a sacred light, a doorway to the source of all being.  With each awakening, there comes a radical new understanding.  It shall not just be the understanding that the immensity of Truth can never be comprehended by the mind.  It is the understanding that beyond all our senses, however good or bad we may judge them to be, we are Source.

For today, I pray to do the right things knowing that life can end anytime.  If today is my last day, I am praying that everyone close knows that I love them.  That every souls that have crossed into my path are loved.

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