Friday, August 05, 2011

There's Light in The Voice

The world is so often a reflection of ourselves.  Unfortunately, we often allow our internal lenses to distort our view.

There is just something special about these two kids.  Something that is truly amazing when they open up their voices, through their emotions, to sing.  To me, they are an inspiration not because that they can sing and sing well but of their abilities to bring out the special light in them.  It is, almost like, where God has placed emotional zeals in their hearts to move others.

Perhaps, their purpose is about healing.  About, when one is listening to their voices, opening an emotional release.  About assisting in the process to remove a trauma, fear, anger, guilt, shame and anxiety.  About enabling one to accelerate a personal transformation, allowing an individual to move forward positively and productively in life.

I have met few children and adolescents who display amazing spiritual abilities.  All too often, these children and adolescents that I have met have a family unit to lean on.  In other words, they grow up in an environment being loved, cared and supported.  Seldom that I come across angelic children who have to grow up without family bonding, without parents where their journey have been a lonely one.

The one thing that I found common to all of them is the fact that they never took life for granted.  Their light turns darkness to vanish and to continue to shine to the world around them.

It is very rare for me to watch music videos on YouTube.  I just do not have the natural liking to watch them.  Asmuchas I like listening to music, somehow a concert and music videos do not fill me with much excitement.  The noisier it is, the more I tend to feel very much disconnected.  To me, a music is what feelings sound like and that it is best played in the background. 

However, here I would like to thank a dear friend who sent me the links of these two beautiful angels.  I want to remember them by blogging it here.  It is a worthwhile effort.  It is, indirectly, my prayers for their well being too.  For their great future.  For a blessed journey for a far better, and happier, tomorrow.

I found myself soaked with their angelic voices when watching the video.  Somehow I felt good watching them.  It moved me tremendously.  It provided me with a good cry.

But, I am not sure what is what watching them.  Yes, their tragic life stories sadden me but they are rather nonchalant when sharing them.  I should feel proud of their spirits, of how they have come to accept it gracefully.

Surely, there must be something about their voices.  You just have to listen to them (do get ready with tissues) ...

First Video - Uudam

For English subtitles, Click This Link

Indeed, a beautiful boy with an angelic vision.  When asked what was his dream, his replies brought chill bumps all over me.  He said "My dream is to invent a special ink.  When the ink is blotted onto the ground, the whole world will turn into green grassland."

Second Video - Sung-bong Choi

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