Thursday, November 10, 2011


May the ultimate truth and that which is beyond all boundaries be victorious.  May there be peace, peace, peace.

Thought that I should just pen this down and to let it be part of my blog.  I have this sudden urge to pen this thought somewhere and where best can it be?.  I am sure, someday after this date, there will be a reason to it.  I am sure, there is a good reason to it.  Nothing is a co-incidence.

In just few minutes, it will be 11.11.11 (November 11, 2011).  A date which has taken millions, if not billions, of people to talk about it.  A date where many spiritual ones are grouping people, as much they can get, to sit down for a single purpose.  Or maybe more.

As for me, I do not really have an answer nor the clue (yet).

A friend once asked me what do I think of it.  Whether such a date carries an important message or should it be phenomenal.  Whether we should be doing anything formal, anything serious.

To me, if you are not prepared nor have given much thought but it is just numbers of 1 or 11, it will be just another day.  The only difference, with such a date, your mind will tell you that it is a unique day with a lifetime experience.  How often can one go through a day where the day, month and year can be 11, 11 and 11?  Either way we look at these sequences of numbers, it can be day first, then month and the year or the year first, then the day and the month.  Or the month first, then the day and the year.  As it is, it is already an interesting perception.

Another friend asked the same question.  This time, perhaps it is asked earlier today - 11.10.11, I replied:

It is about one (1) me and about one (1) God coming into unison.  Where the whole of me comes into perfect harmony with the whole of God.  Where combination of parts of God comes in complete agreement with the combination of parts of me.

It is about a union into One-ness (11), harmonizing exactly.  Hence, 11:11 where the first is me, the second is God and it follows in reflection towards being united into One-ness.

With so much critical mass of people all around the world doing something on this day, Friday 11th of November, 2011 (the 11.11.11), I believe its energy itself carries symbolic message.  That's with the power in critical mass; it carries evolution by itself.

As I mentioned to another friend, however, this message is personal - it is between you and God.  The conversation between us and God needs to be personal so that we can open up everything to Him, without reservation.  It has to be personal so that we can just ask for anything and everything, without being judged.

Guess, as such, many of us view 11.11.11 differently.  Because it is personal.

Surprisingly, at the end of my dinner with some friends earlier, a friend passed this remark -- "At the end of the day, believe in what you want to believe."

YES!, at the end of the day, it is 'personal'.

To all my friends, my readers near and far .. and whoever you are, have a beautiful day on 11.11.11.  Surely, with such a significant arrangement of the number, certainly there has to be something.  We do not have to know nor do we have to search far for its meaning but, at least, to honor the day.

Blessings to all of us.

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