Friday, November 04, 2011

The Logic Of The Universe

Talk to strangers. Yield to others.  The more love you give, the more love you receive. Yes, it really is that simple.

For the last two months, I had the opportunity to be invited (in my humble opinion) to create the gateway for good cause on the lives of others.  From something I dearly believed to be workable to be shared across.  Where lives could change for the better and life could never be the same again.   Where an overall well being of souls was improved.

For the last two months, I was happy to bring change to an environment, to the house of some friends.  Where, with their new faith, new dynamic energy transformed itself.  Though these people felt a little trepidation at entering into 'my world' in the beginning, through the geometric science of Tibetan Geomancy, they traversed their faith  that soon filled with beautiful and rewarding results.

My World, it is an environment surrounded with Tibetan Geomancy.  It is a world where I live with.  It is a world of heaven on earth.  It is a world of miraculous creations.  It is a world of transforming Universal wealth, and infinite abundance, right inside the house.  Inside Reiki Sanctuary where I reside, where I love and where I find joy, peace and comfort.

I am very aware of each sacred places, in its geometric forces and influences, that affects the vibrations in certain places in the house.  Tibetan Geomancy is all about that.  How each sacred places has its unique divination.  How the element of energy within a house is directly connected to the element of the Universe.  How the element of the Universe can affect the element of energy within a house.  How the logic deals with the way in which evidence is used and the conditions of evidence are valid.  Within and far beyond, it carries specific meaning and significance.  I documented My World in "The Tenet Of Soul".

I believe it is my faith that I have for Tibetan Geomancy (and hold it very dearly) that makes it to reveal the intended results.  All these years, with evidences and guidelines on the use of evidence with Tibetan Geomancy, I have never doubted its essence and attributes.  It forces and its influences.  Its powers and how they are generated.

I believe that the nine sacred elements within the geometrical chart of Tibetan Geomancy generate magnetic waves, and vibrations, which is influenced by our spiritual, emotional, mental and psychical bodies.  I believe it transcends the logic of the Universe.   As one of my friend makes this remark 'It is something just hard to explain.  It is something whether to believe or not but it is right there transformed.'

In itself, Tibetan Geomancy is very much connected with the concept of I-Ching, the Book of Changes.  It is a system of divination, cosmology and philosophy.  It centered on the idea of synchronicity - the dynamic balance, the evolution of events and acceptance of the inevitability of change.  Carl Jung, who coined on this term, described "it is about acausal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena".

I have been doing, and carrying out the works of, Tibetan Geomancy for more than a decade.  Personally, the best way for me to introduce Tibetan Geomancy and its enormous significance is by pointing out that it, and it alone, provides the answers.

These last two months, through the rewarding works of the Universe which I am very grateful, I have a sudden invitation from six individuals sought the wisdom of Tibetan Geomancy.  I believe it has to do with their personal growth; where each one of them is now fully awakened wanting to discern on the Universal abundance.

It is a state of their Ascension (read my blog entry - "The Ascension".)   To them, they have come to a stage in life where they now desire, upon 'waking-up' (read "Have You Woken Up?), accomplishments through the interpretation of geomantic common sense.  It is only right, for all of us, to get more than we have already had. 

It is not about greed but appreciation.  It is not about the destination but the journey.  It is not about foolishness but awareness on the vast abundance of the Universe.  It is about rightful ownership and gratitude. 

There is no reason why we should not ask for more unless there is the fear that one may overstep with the mark of Life.  It is similar to the way in which doctors examine the human body in particular, from the point of view of what makes it sick and what makes it healthy.  Like the doctors, Tibetan Geomancy looks at all the elements to see how each energy can create and re-create.

The one common thing that we all like, that we are all connected with Tibetan Geomancy is the subtraction of fears.  There is no irrationality.  There is no superstition.  Tibetan Geomancy woks on the positive charges of energy, of thoughts without attracting the elements of superstitions.

With the elimination of such negative forces and influences, Tibetan Geomancy is all about enhancing divination on earth.  It is about raising positive vibes and treating all things being equal, good and those not so good.  It is about empowering our divinity in partnership with the science of the sand.  What is important is our prayers, our intent and our faith.

This writing is about celebrating the lives of these six people who have come to me.  This writing is about celebrating the rewards of their faith.  This writing is about an acknowledgement of partnership.  This writing is about what Tibetan Geomancy has influenced  their lives and the reason for its Just-Is.

Friend (A)

Friend (A) is the most eager of the group.  She wants change, for her and her family.  Somehow, she is now awakened with intuition for something good to happen but just not sure where to begin.

She internalizes Tibetan Geomancy.  She has faith in it.  Immediately after my sharing, she takes charge.  She goes around to clean up clutters in her house religiously.  She becomes conscious of her own thoughts, her life and cause and effect.  She dons her house with meaningful intent.  Basically, she allows her soul to be in partnership with the forces and influences of all the sacred spaces in her house.

Two days later, she receives the rewards (and counting):

01.  Her husband, out of the blue, was given substantial salary increment.  It is not the time of the year for him to be getting it.
02.  Her immediate neighbour of 18 years knocks on her door to give packets of nasi bryani.  It is unusual as the neighbour has never, all throughout the years, showing such kind gesture.
03.  Her relationship with the family has changed.  She feels there is more communication and there is more family bonding.

Friend (B)

Friend (B) is the daughter of Friend (A).  A young mother to an Angelic child, she feels her working life has come to an end.  She quits her previous job as a Nurse.  Today, she feels that she has become redundant and unemployable.

Few days after she takes charge to raise Tibetan Geomancy in her house, she receives calls.  There are job opportunities waiting for her, whenever she is ready.

Friend (C)

To me, Friend (C) has everything.  She holds good job.  She has a big house and a happy family with two young children.  Life is full of contentment.

When I asked her why she was very much interested in Tibetan Geomancy, her reply was 'Why not?  Life evolves and one should continue to find more meaning.'

Today, she is filled with more blessings:

01.  Her relationship with her immediate boss has changed tremendously.  According to her, 'We have now become friends and closer.   Surprisingly, we have started to confide with each other.'
02.  Everyone in her office, including her subordinates, is 'friendly' now.
03.  Her trading commodity is making more profits.
04.  "I feel happier these days.  I feel it."

Friend (D)

Friend (D) is funny.  When she called me to learn (and embrace) Tibetan Geomancy, she has no house yet.  She has just sold her previous flat.  "You must guide me and tell me what this Tibetan Geomancy is."  She believes that she will find a house when she puts her faith in it.

"I know I will just find on the day I start looking."  True enough, the day her house agent brought her to view houses, she found one immediately.  The price and the Cash-Over-Value were much below her initial budget.

Friend (E) and Friend (F)

These two were 'tag-along'.  As they mentioned "Time is not right yet".

Two days ago, I added an element in one area of the house.  At the same time, I bought Money Plant to hang outside Reiki Sanctuary.  I made a prayer and at the same time to prove to my partner that Tibetan Geomancy worked.

Yesterday my partner received a job offer to oversee two months project in Amsterdam.  The pay was good.  Regrettably, my partner turned the offer down.

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