Friday, November 25, 2011

Right Here Waiting

Don’t expect others to make your life better.
We can’t learn each other’s lesson. We need to step out of the way yet be there when help is needed.

Often, we feel that there is always a proper time for everything.  There is always a proper period for all relevant matters - big, small, urgent or trivial.  For something that is important or for something that is inconsequential.  We convince ourselves, perhaps it is an unconscious choice on procrastination and/or a convenient excuse , there will the time that is right to do what is right.

We tell ourselves that we know the Law of Process.  There is a season to sow, then there is the incubation and gestation period and ultimately, there is a season to reap.  Hence, we just have to believe and wait for 'the right time' to carry out the task.  To begin the process. 

The Law of Process

Somehow, our mind is processed to be filled with peace of mind and a deep sense of satisfaction that follow after we freeze time to carry out the tasks/actions, for the right time.  After we allow the space of time to grow and develop.

Afterall, we learn that a mother has to carry the child in her worm till 'the right time' of about nine months before giving birth.  We learn about the metamorphosis of the butterfly starts from the egg to a moth before it transforms to a beautiful butterfly.  We learn, in school, that it takes a seed, soil, sunshine and water and put them together for a plant to grow.  This process of growth or development does not just happen.  We are taught that it has to go through a process; nothing grows over night.

Yes, in my last entry, I wrote "Somehow, a choice will always find a way to express itself when the time is right for it".   There is always 'this right time' where evolution seems to be appropriate and proper, and worthy of the name.  When someone quickens the process, we tend to say that he/she is just too hasty, just too excited and plainly impatient.

Perhaps, the theory of the process has become an unwritten doctrine.  It is coded in human consciousness with the body of principle presented for acceptance and belief.  That we take it for granted, it has to be applied for every life events; there are no shortcuts.  That, there must be the exact and specific time which must be proper and appropriate for everything. 

Where then does the saying 'time and tide wait for no man' come in here?  I believe, many of us have missed out certain things that have played a part of our lives, unconsciously.  We let decisions or opportunities to slip out of our grip because we contemplate on taking the right steps while waiting for the right time.

Psychologically, and in my opinion, it has become such a good excuse not to be proactive immediately.  Growth is not an event.  The Law of Process comes before growth.  We do not, and it can never be possible to, build a house in one day.  And so is happiness.  Or the empowerment for wisdom. 

It is a perfect salvation of time for a child to preserve time, to delay and wait for 'this right time' to carry out tasks.  It is for his/her benefits.  It is his/her gestational period to acquire skills and knowledge.  It is allowing, in incubation, for the child to be conscious to the Law of the Universe.  For him/her to understand and embrace true nature.  For him/her to learn and experience of becoming human.

Then again, there must be the consciousness for the preservation of time has to stop.  There must be a time where that child has to grow up and to take charge.  There should be an end to gestation and incubation periods.  The beauty of life lies when time becomes precious. 

Life is too short for regrets.  As life goes on, the value of life should be appreciated in its nowness.  We have to come to grip with the present. Time should prove to be a reminder rather than the object of regret and blame.

How often, as adults, we procrastinate to act on decisions and opportunities that come our way?  How we keep saying 'It's not the right time now.  I will do it when it is right'?  How we will postpone doing what we should be doing now for a later time when 'the time is right'.  How we would give good logical excuses, for something now, until a later time.

Perhaps, the underlying matter has to do with our past conditioning as a child.  Where we are so conditioned to delay time.  We take comfort in the gestation and incubation periods and never allow them to cease for the entire of our lifetime.  Often, we grant ourselves to take a step back as though we need to think first before we could just act.  Sadly, half our life is pent trying to find something to do with the right time.

As adults, I would rather do what I want to do now and not hoping for the right time.  There should not be excuses for 'oh, the time is just not right, right now'.  I should not allow to bring forth the consequences of the future to suffer just because I need more time to think and to act.  Just because I have been conditioned to step back in the past, that I have to be that child forever.

Time is a one way flow.  It speeds up and slows down depending on circumstances but it moves towards the future.  Just as a flowing river moving at constant speed, time moves from the past to the future never deviating, never changing.  Within its time capsule, we are born, we live and we die.

The capability to move through time, no matter how remote, raises our consciousness to be in the Now.  We just have to live in our present to deliver what is needed.  We have to take charge to act without hesitation.   We have to have faith.  It is not always about the destination in itself but the journey is what shape us.  Along the way, we will always discover what we are really made of.  

When things are precious in proportion to their importance, or to the degree wherein they concern our welfare, we have to set the highest value on those things and act on them immediately.  Our life often depends upon its improvement.  By good improvement of it, we obtain those things, those energies which will be useful and comfortable.

The burden to delay an act, a decision or a task takes far more consequences.  I learn the lesson hard.

Lesson One

I avoided visiting my sister in Kuala Lumpur (KL), who suffered from cancer, for months during her last stage.  My reason, I could not bear to see her suffering in pain.  It broke my heart.  I kept giving myself excuses that she would live longer with the fact that she had fought it for more 4 years.

The day I decided to visit her was short lived.  I flew up to KL in the afternoon   I managed to spend few hours chatting up with her.  She was happy, at last, that I was there for her.  We spent  time chatting and expressing our love and bond.

Early the next morning, she passed on.  Yes, I had my regrets.

Lesson Two

It was my intention to give to my mum a set of gold.  She loved gold.  I wanted to get her some bracelets and chain.  I should have given her in December but felt it would be better for the new year.
New Year came and I did not act.  Soon, she suffered stroke and passed on two days after that.

Yes, I had my regrets.

Lesson Three

I learn, the more I am giving myself reasons (ok, it is more an excuse) for not wanting to spring clean the house, or doing Reiki Sanctuary's third year video, or sharing healing therapy with some friends in need, I am smacked with unduly physical, mental and emotional strains.

Spring cleaning - I should live with a habit to clean and tidy things everyday rather than to wait for that right or proper time to spruce things up, say before new year or before Christmas.  Or even before inviting guests to arrive.  It is more tiring, and requires more hours or days, to do everything and everywhere in the house, at the last minute.

Reiki Sanctuary's third video - The longer I wait, more things will conjure.  There will always be 'eh, wait till the lift upgrading is finished' or 'ah, think it will be nicer after I buy the new rugs' or 'the bed sheet has not been changed'.  A desire will keep adding when I am not going to take charge to stop it.

Healing therapy - I tell myself 'the time is not right yet'.  Guess what?, one of my friends felt that she is better off not knowing about it and another found a new job and shall not have that 'free' time for the next few weeks or months.

Time ought to be esteemed by us to be very precious, because we are uncertain of its continuance.  We know that is very short but we know not how short.  We know not how little of it remains - whether a year, or several years or only a month, a week or a day.  We can't never be sure, nor to take it for granted, that this day will not be the last or whether we are to have the whole day.

Time is VERY precious.  For when it is past, it cannot be recovered.  Even if we are to know that we can regain it, very often there will be pain and cost.

Time highlights the value of living a day at a time, since time waits for no man.  Today, we should reflect on ourselves and ask 'How little is the preciousness of time considered, and how little sense of it do the greater part of mankind seem to have?.  How little good purpose do.?

We should open up our consciousness and consider what has been said of the preciousness of time.  Of how much it depends upon it, be it just momentarily and uncertain it is, or how irrecoverable it will be when it is gone.  We should have a right conception of these things.

We are accountable for our time.

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