Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Being Human

Disappointed by others? Try lowering your standards.

Edited on November 16, 2011

A friend has just sent an email which I find it to be appropriate to insert it here.  The title of the email is 'regading humanity!!!'

We are taught to love.  We are taught to think.  We are taught to survive.  We are taught on the importance to be a better person.  We are taught to be kind, to be honest.  To exercise patience and not to envy, boast and, definitely, not an indulgence to be self-seeking.  We are taught to share and care, not to be easily angered and to rejoice with the truth.

Weirdly, why do we have to be taught to love, to think, to survive?  Isn't a child is born innocent?  Isn't the origin of soul is filled with love, intelligence and perseverance.  Isn't love is natural, an energy that cannot be self-manufactured? 

Yes, it is another thing if we are to learn, say, a language or how to cook or drive.  But, to be taught on the basic thing about life makes it that we, being human, is not perfect.  As the years passed, I finally come to this realization that the more mistakes I make, the more I learn.  The perfection of live lies in expanding our consciousness. 

Perhaps, being indifference has a place.  Imagine if we are to live in a perfect world with everyone and everything in it look alike, act alike and live alike.  There would be absolutely nothing to learn, whereas we would already know anything and everything.  Inventions and new ideas would not even exist.

Does faith have distinct limits?  That, it strives to operate only from a higher perspective?  That, when an individual is exposed with a worldly possession, and his higher perspective is filled with philistinism, the age of innocence is lost?

It is asked that we must exercise compassion with one another, even to the strangers we meet on the street.  As it is given out, we will see transformation in our lives and in the lives of those we encounter.  It will then introduce us to new opportunities to express love and a willingness to engage with others.   

But, compassion cannot be achieved by a mere act of the will alone.  The motto is for us to stay humble, at all times.  I always feel that if we have to tell the whole world how great we are, we are not great actually.

Being human is all about to live life in humility.  We must accept that we are imperfect and none greater.  That, as much as we are inspired by any divine influences, we have the rights to make mistakes.  It is not a crime to make mistakes but it shall be a crime not to learn from the mistakes and to keep repeating them.  Guess, this is one lesson that we are not taught much.

The problem with being human is our greed to be successful.  Humans constantly chide themselves, and others, because of their own imperfections, of their expectations and the high standards of everyone who surrounds them. 

While success is good, as it defines our growth, it should not be equated to earning million dollars.  Success is just as sweet when we can live the lifestyle we choose or getting a job done.  Or making a living doing what we love.  Or making someone to smile and for him/her to appreciate life.

Being human is about recognizing the will to live and to be valuable.  That, learning lessons begin when a soul is created.  That this soul has agreed to be born here on Mother Earth to keep on growing.  The soul shall strive for higher restructuring and allows it to explore far.  It is about reunification of the spirit and science on earth becoming a single unit rather than of opposing factions.

Being human is a nature way and meant to be.  It is about our will to stay willing, open and teachable.  It is the acceptance to strive for beautiful creations in very enlightening ways.

It is here that we must learn to differentiate between a desire and a want.  We need to identify what motivates and what is truly fulfilling.  We need to understand the difference between negative and positive, and which creations shall find delight and gratification.  We need to recognize the distinction between our higher self and our ego.  We need to free our soul from all quantum entanglements, here on Mother Earth, to become the god that it is.

A friend who recently visited my place found the way I placed things in the house to be a little cumbersome.  Like the big plant that I placed in the middle of the master bedroom and another behind the bedside table.  Though they were there for specific reasons, the placements fulfilled my wants.  They never created a difficult chore when cleaning.  Simply, the wants empowered the desire.

So are other wants in our life.  When we want an accomplishment where souls will be at peace , we should focus on the wants and not drive on the negative thoughts.  It is pointless should we think that we want a soul partner but we harp on separation.  It is pointless should we want to meditate but we are afraid of a wrong sitting posture.  It is pointless should we want to spend quality time with loved ones but sick-and-tired to clean the house after that.

Those who allow their subconscious reactions, negative thoughts or selfish feelings to dominate their lives, are expressing personality distortions that are damaging to progress.

The Wheel of Life

We need to start believing that we have powers being humans.  Lessons are not about eradicating all the wrongs.  Lessons are not a subjugation for not having wings to soar in life.   They are also about uplifting positive energies to enrich the course of life, the lives of being human.

The other day, when I was sharing with a friend my take and personal understanding on 'The Ascension' [Read Here] , I recognized the duality in being human.  While a soul can soar and should rise, this same soul has its parts that fails too.  This is the beautiful thing being human, we can be an imperfect perfectionist.  There is always a part of us that wins, and a part of us that loses. 

It is called for balancing and taking which way that maximizes the harmony.  Mistakes or failures, or imperfections, serves humans in a very enlightening way.   It is a creation on awareness and consciousness.  Truth is, we all make mistakes.  No man is ever excused of this.  But we are supposed to learn from them, and the circumstances of our life are just a reflection of what we need to understand.

The split and re-unification of our spirit, being human, sets our mind to seek further exploration.  However, the mind has to be definitive.  We need to know where  the dominant thought lies.  We need to be aware and conscious of growth.  We need to recognize, to acknowledge and to take ownership at every stage of our growth. 

Fact is, most souls learn great deals but often, their flesh is weak.  They allow negativity to govern their life forces.  They refuse to accept about themselves, humanity and the Universe.  They are so caught up in the events of everyday circumstances, of what they are thinking and feeling that can be an excuse for believing that this is all there is.

Being human is about having a physical body that houses our spirit, our soul and our personality.  However, there is so much more than that.  Each of us is a divine spark.  Our soul is only a vehicle to express our moral values through our ideals, conscience and intuition.  It is our spirit energy that nurtures the creation.

It is not really important how we look physically or how smart we think, but it is very important how we are inside.  For it reflects out into our every day lives and makes the difference between a shallow and closed individual or one who radiates their spiritual light to those around.

Yes, we are all born innocent but we are taught to gain wisdom through experience.  We are all born equal with equal divine spark.  We should enhance and mature that perfection through all our teaching lessons.  Its purpose is to return to our Creator as a perfectly rounded specimen of 'itself' which is an extension of the Creator.

Whoever we are, and whatever we look like, feel or believe, we are all still the divine souls.  Perhaps, the greatest guidance we will ever find in life is by making the effort to remember.

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