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You Are Still Loved, My Dear - Final, Part Three

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Two places that we often go back, again and again, whenever in Bangkok would be to our favourite massage place, May Massage and the shopping at the Handicrafts and Arts Section in Chatuchak Weekend Market near to JJ Shopping Mall.  These are two places that we will spend a lot of time, a lot of spending and getting a lot of gratification.

May Massage, Sukhumvit Soi 21

At May Massage, it is self indulgence to relax and re-vitalize.  We would end our day here after our shopping, after a day of sight-seeing and walking around the capital.  We come to this place often, in fact it would be a daily thing when we are in Bangkok.  Hence, we prefer to stay in a hotel that would be a within walking distance to it.

@ The Reception with (far end of picture) the foot reflexology area

May Massage is located along Sukhumvit Soi 21.  It shares the same main entrance as Big Mama Italian Restaurant and located on the second floor.  It has group and private rooms span over three floors.  There are shower areas too.

May Massage has many massage practitioners, both male and female.  They are well trained and skillful.  We usually feel so much relaxed after the rhythmic pressing and stretching of our entire body.  The 'crack-crack' sound, cracking of stuck energy through arching the body in a cobra position at the end of the massage session, provides tremendous stress relief.

We always go for a two hour session, and at times 3 hours including an hour of oil body massage.  It is highly recommended for two hours for a full Thai massage where the practitioner will spend a good half hour working on each section of the body.  In Thai traditional massage, the practitioner works on the left leg, right leg, left hand, right hand and then proceed to work on the back.  Some practitioner will step on your back depending on his/her intuition when treating the back muscles.  It ends with the face and the head.

Just look at the prices!!!

We have tried foot reflexology here but just not able to enjoy it.  Guess, the Thais are better for their traditional massage and not at the 'chinese' foot reflexology.  Having said it, we are often surprised that they are many customers that come just for foot treatment.  Perhaps, for 100 Bahts an hour, one gets to relax and a little of body stretching at the end of the treatment.

Getting There

Must say that this google map is not accurate/updated.  The Grand Millennium Hotel should be after the Soi Cowboy.

Take the BTS to Asoke Station or the MRT to Sukhumvit Station. 

At Asoke Station, exit and walk towards the MRT Sukhumvit Station.  Once out of Asoke Station, walk along the road, keeping left.  When you see Grand Millennium Hotel, you are on the right track. 

You can also continue, when out of Asoke Station, with the underground walkway inside Sukhumvit MRT Station. 

On MRT, at Sukhumvit Station, exit at Exit 1 towards Serm-Mit Tower.  Just outside Exit 1, you will see Grand Millennium Hotel, Sukhumvit which is located just across the road.

Walk along the road, going with the flow of the traffic, till the t-junction of Sukhumvit Soi 21.  You will pass Furama Xclusive Asoke Hotel.  At the t-junction, turn left (without crossing the road) - on the right is where Serm-Mit Tower is.

The t-junction

At the entrance of Big Mama Italian Restaurant, climb up (using the side staircase) to the second floor.

It is easy to find this place.  It is less than 50m from the t-junction.  Just outside the entrance, there is a pool of motorcycle taxi.


May Massage is the cheapest we found along Sukhumvit Road.  The massage practitioners are friendly and skillful.  Some, are really really good!  Should you stay long in Bangkok and intend to go back to May Massage regularly, you may want to stick to one practitioner.  Of course, you should have known his/her skills for doing so.

The place is clean (enough) but do not expect a luxurious spa condition.  At least, they will provide with clean clothes to change.

Tips, I guess, are optional though it is always good to give.  Afterall, the rates here are already so cheap!

Operational Hours

May Massage opens from 10 am till midnight.

JJ Mall / Chatuchak Weekend Market

JJ Mall, actually, is just a place for us to rest.  It is a refuge after the long outdoor walks/shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market.  It is a place where we will just sit down for a drink or to have a meal at the food court. 

JJ Mall and part of the Handicrafts & Arts Section of Chatuchak Weekend Market

On weekends, this mall is buzzing with activities.  Just outside it, there are rows of makeshift food stalls selling local delicacies. 

For first timer, it can be interesting to go through every floors of the Mall.  The Mall is an alternative to the Handicraft and Arts section of Chatuchak Weekend Market.  Prices vary but usually it is slightly higher than Chatuchak.

Getting There

Again, this google map is not accurate/updated.  Kamphaeng Phet station Exit 2 should be as as highlighted in the blue dot.  'X' is where the 'atas' wet market is.

Heading to JJ Mall is an en route passing by Chatuchak Weekend Market.  Take the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet Station and exit at Exit 2.  On weekdays, the entrance to Chatuchak Weekend Market, at Exit 2 of the station, is closed.

It is always good to come here on a weekday.  We always enjoy doing  it this way.  First, it is less crowded.  Secondly, it is always good to venture other nearby places just outside Chatuchak Weekend Market.  There are interesting shops around.

Once exit, and standing just along the main road, to the left is a big market and eatery.  This market, according to a Thai friend, is 'atas' (up market) for many Thais.  It is clean and it is rather interesting just to browse the whole area.  Good to go in the morning and around lunch time.

Across the road, which is opposite of Chatuchak Weekend Market, are rows of shops selling handicrafts, arts, ceramics, furniture and home decorations and antiques and collectibles.  It is a miniature of Chatuchak but open everyday.

This is what you will see once you are out of Kamphaeng Phet Exit 2 and standing along the main road.

Walking along the road, against the flow of traffic, you will pass the Handicrafts and Arts section of Chatuchak Weekend Market.  All shops open on weekend and it could be about 80 percent open on weekday.

Always note when buying antiques here - either at Chatuchak or JJ Mall.  It is wise to exercise few precautions.  Always check on your goods thoroughly to see whether there is any damage.  For antiques, it is better to bring along an expert, unless you are happy with what you are paying for.

Before You Go

Many people go to Chatuchak not knowing what they want or which stall to go.  The sights of all the goods here surprise many shoppers.

Chances are, you will end up spending at least half a day just going through the maze in Chatuchak.  It will be good idea to prepare few things to ensure that your shopping experience at Chatuchak is an enjoyable one.

-  Wear light and comfortable clothing
-  Bring along backpack for storing new found items.  However, it is recommended that you wear your backpack on the front rather than on the back.
-  Always plan to go in the morning, as it can get very hot and crowded in the afternoon.

When at Chatuchak Weekend Market, try their local ice cream ...

This is really refreshing under the hot sun.  For 30 Bahts, you can ask for all the toppings.  You get the coconut water free too!

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