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You Are Still Loved, My Dear - Part Two

The more you do for others, the more others do for you.

There are three(3) parts to 'You Are Still Loved, My Dear'.  This is the second and the first was written on 28 October.  I intend to write a simple 'How To' for the last installment.  It will be about how to go to  places where we frequent whenever in Bangkok.

You Are Still Loved is, basically, a series of write-ups about our trip to Thailand.  There are many other similar blog entries here in this blog - Thailand - A Celebration Of Life.  Basically, it is all about our purchases for Reiki Sanctuary.  Thailand, and in particular the capital Bangkok, is a place where we would get most of our house decors.

As written previously, I mentioned that "The good thing about shopping in Thailand is always the spring cleaning in Reiki Sanctuary that follows after the trip.  It is a chance to re-organize and re-arranging old and the new things.  It is a chance to tidy up and wipe clean inside the closets, the wardrobes and all the drawers that were not touched for months.  Ultimately, it is about clearing clutters."

There is much truth to that.  Somehow, a trip to Thailand is marked with a 'religious' conviction that follows it.  It follows with a strong internal desire where it fills me with an energy that I just have to carry through.  It is about re-embracing Reiki Sanctuary, not because she is neglected.  It is about cleansing her, not because she is daunted.  It is about re-vitalise her energy.  It is about re-making of a vow towards a heavenly state of being.  It is about Create and Re-create.

Of course, this heavenly state is personal.  To me, a heaven is a place that is very organized, where all things are put together into an orderly, functional and structured whole.  It is an environment which is very tainted with all things neat, clean and beautiful. 

It should be the case for Reiki Sanctuary.  As much as I believe in the comfort of this heavenly state, it shall be my obligation to accomplish as expected.  It is a partnership to undertake to care for each other.

The presence of God should not only be dominantly thought to be in the church, in the mosque, in the temple or in a holy sacred place.  God, as much as I believe, is everywhere.  Should I want Him to reside closer to me, and within me, I must make sure Reiki Sanctuary encompasses the requirements.

Our last trip enacts the part of the conviction.  Afterall, we want to celebrate our blessings.  We want to rejoice an occasion to live here.  We want to remember the journey and how our souls have been kept safe.  It is an appreciation to be housed with love, peace and joy.  Importantly, it is a sanctuary that keeps our faith for all things good.

We bought few things (again) this time but, definitely, not so much compared to previous trips.  Still, we ended up with checked-in luggage of forty-two kilograms between the two of us, not counting the hand carried.

Pictures Galore

These two were an interesting buy.  It was a casual visit to a nearby shop, near our hotel, as we needed to get a socket adapter.  These candle holders caught my eyes.  In fact, I eyed a black one too but another customer grabbed it before me.  Unfortunately, I could only manage to grab these two as that was what left in stock in the shop.

Hand-made Stainless Steel vases
Hand-made decorative Stainless Steel tray.  We were lucky to visit this shop (next to 4-faced Buddha) and there was something for us.  What I liked about it was the high quality of stainless steel used.  The end product was light and safe (since the magnet did not stick to it).  We were told by the owner that stocks had temporarily stopped because the factory (in Ayuthaya) could not make anymore because of the flood.  There were limited items when we were there.

I am just into these things .. from big to small.  It is nice to use it to lift up another deco items.  Plus, it is beautiful made.  Plus, it is cheap!

Ok lah, nothing fantastic about these but they definitely make tissue boxes look nicer.  Come in many assorted colors.

Awww, little doggies .. hehe, we just loved them!  Found them in Index which was the local version of Ikea.

I called these the 'Pretty Trays'.  Could not resist not getting such lovely things when I saw them lying hidden in one shop.  Only these two were available ..  guessed it was meant for Reiki Sanctuary.

One of the crazy things, in our purchases this time round, was buying pouches - big and small.  It started off with an idea to organize our traveling toiletries where we could separate the different items.  Little did we know, these pouches soon became an obsession when we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market and found out how 'dirt' cheap they were.

The Little Ones
The Medium Ones
The Large Ones
Since it was shopping in Thailand, do get the Thai things too!
Imported yet rather cheap

I am very excited with this next item. Somehow, it 'talks' to me.  It speaks of the many things that life is offering.  It speaks of the many things one can expect.  Each branch, each twig, each clutter .. they symbolize the many aspects of Universal Abundances and all waiting for the right prayer, the right want and the right opportunity.

What a pretty simple decor

Handmade from wires.  Immediately resonated with my soul the moment I saw it.

At last, something that we had always wanted to do was done.  We accomplished our wish to have our portraits hand drawn.  Something that could remind us and to bring a smile on our face.

We had always admired these Thai artists, where they could replicate a photo and yet looked so real.  Though we felt ours were not done perfectly, we walked away from the shop felt happy.  The good thing, it was priced reasonably.

The artists finalizing our portraits.

Yes, this entry will not highlight where all the purchases are being placed in Reiki Sanctuary.  It is intentional not to show them since I want to do a pictorial video (yes! show-off) for Reiki Sanctuary's third anniversary.

We can't ask for more.  Right here, right now, right at this moment, we are just thankful for everything that life has offered.  It has been a celebration of life. "Thank You!".

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