Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prison Break

Your doctor, your lawyer, your accountant, and your therapist: those you never want to lie to.

This is the second part of 'A Tribute to Reiki Sanctuary, The Third Year.  [More Read]

It takes me by surprise when friends start to ask whether I will honor my words about the upcoming video for Reiki Sanctuary, the third year.  I casually mentioned about it in my previous entry. 

Such reminders make me feel touched.  Collectively, it shows that there are people who really read my blog and remember what is written.  Reiki Sanctuary, the blog, has grown since 2008.  It is no longer just a home living blog but, gradually, it has become a place where I start to write about my spiritual journey too.  About my conviction and what I believe spiritually.  It has nothing to do with one religion, or my religion, but my own evolutionary perspective.

Of course, I also acknowledge that there are people who will not read my blog.  I honor those who find it boring and those who strongly feel it to be a sleep inducement blog.  I am thankful for their honesty.  I am thankful that they do know about its existence though their visit here is brief.

My blog has no intention to create followers.  It is just a place, in fact a sacred place, for me to connect with the Universe.  It is personal.  Personally, this blog is my private and special House of God.  It is a temple, a church, a mosque. 

My view, when a blog exists on world wide web, it embarks upon and participates with the Universe.  It is my way to reach out to God and to the infinite abundance out there.  When there are people who can learn together with me and bask in the satisfaction, I know that God is listening.

There is a part of me that misses home - Home as in Coming Home.  I learn, the only way to connect to Home, is when I engage deeply with my past and consciously co-create the future while very much aware of the present.  I try.  By doing so, by looking outward with aims of bettering myself and my world, I shall walk a path that leads to inner fulfillment.  Posting an entry in this blog, whether it is about the house and/or about my spiritual experiences and convictions, helps me to find and create that special bond of spiritual reconciliation.

When I started this blog, it was all about a self transformation where I wanted to change my lethargic energy.  Today, it has become a personal evolutionary spirituality.  It is about creating for the right relationship, grounding myself in the actual ways of the Universe.  It has become, to my delight, the process of my growth and the directions of becoming.

Yes, every now and then, I would (very shamelessly) write about Reiki Sanctuary, the dwelling and showing off her beauty.  Fact is, it is all about gratitude and appreciation.  When so much have been spent, monetarily and emotionally, to create an appropriate ambient for our souls, it is only polite to radiate such joy continues to be reminded.

Should I not take charge to align my soul with reality, life suffers and so do those around me.  First and foremost, I must acknowledge the presence of Reiki Sanctuary.  She has been, just like a child, a creation.  She is a collaboration of evolution and the promises of the Universe for me.  It is only right that I complement such energy and micro-manage that flow.

I use to have a fear-based emotion when I put up a post.  I could be filled with wary feeling; how people will judge me and how the resentment, either within or outside, that follows.  Later, I realize that the power to change starts within me.  I should find the courage to live, not for others, but by what I want to believe.  I should change those fear-based emotion to love-based emotions.  If I want to be free, it's got to be me.

Love brings me closer to God, the Creator, the Divine Source.  It is the love for Reiki Sanctuary, both the blog and the dwelling, that makes my life full of joy.  It raises my human consciousness.  It makes me to discover the person I am, much more than I ever thought.  It is here that I retrieve my soul and letting its spirit to become complete again.  It leads, almost inevitably, to an expanded sense of self - which I would regard an awakening, through all the entries here in Reiki Sanctuary.

One of the thing that I do, physically, to reflect on this new liberation is to bring down all the window grills in the house.  Somehow, the act itself - the spring cleaning of sort, breaks the stagnation and free my soul from imprisonment of the past.  The window grills, those in the Guest Room and the Study Room, have been here since day one.  They no longer serve a purpose.

Guest Room

After.  Yay, What a feeling!  Gone are those lifeless window grills.

Study Room

After.  Look Ma!, how spacious this room has become!

Thank You, grills!  You had served us well.

When we were renovating the house, we told Chiauw that we would not do anything with the windows throughout the house.  We wanted them to be just the way they were.  Our previous owners had their reasons.  Of course, we had ours too.  Partly, we didn't want to spend the extra money when the windows were still good.

Change.  Yes, after our last trip and back home to start decorating Reiki Sanctuary for her third year celebration, I have a strong urge to bring down the window grills.  I no longer feel the need to have these grills to protect us.  Strangely, I feel a sense of suffocation instead.  I feel they are suppressing the soul, for them to develop and they are stifling.

After all, Reiki Sanctuary is going through a transformation.  The Lift Upgrading Program (written in the entry 'The Re-Making of Reiki Sanctuary' .. [Read It Here] is almost completed.  Well, it has actually completed. 

The completed Lift Upgrading Program with the new laid walkway and lift landing.  Geez, I am loving it!  It is now machiam private condo.  Yes yes, I am being arrogant here!

The lift that is supposed to serve us has been earlier scheduled for November, 14.  However, we have just learned from our neighbour, who is also the Chairman of the Residents Committee for our precinct, that Civil Defence is not approving it.  It puzzles us.  Now, the contractors are to do more hacking to open up some areas.  We also learn it will take another month before we can use the new lift.

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