Thursday, October 16, 2008

Filled To The Brim

Whoa whoa whoa.  What a day today!

Yes, everyone involved in Reiki Sanctuary's renovation is filled to the brim with frustrations.  There are not many days left and, still, there are a long list of outstanding works.  For the past few days, we are trying to make everything possible.  And for a possible thing to happen, we need to have a focus.  We need to have a list of the things to do.  For it to happen, we need Chiauw to lead.  We need her to tell us all the outstanding works.

The list, after much persuasion, was given to us on Tuesday.  Alas, it gives us a direction.  At least, we are now informed that there are [still] works need to be carried out even when we move in on Monday.  We accepted it.  We know she is doing her best.

There are tons of outstanding works:

01.  To vanish the parquet floor
  -  Left with the Main Entrance

02.  To install Franke Island Hood

03.  To fix electrical items
- Left with Kitchen area

04.  To commission electrical outlets
- Left with Kitchen area

05.  To measure boxing up of lights and to order the Acrylic light shades
-  Delivery on Saturday

06.  To fix Guest Toilet granite top

07.  To fix Guest Toilet vanity wardrobe

08.  To fix Guest Toilet lock

09.  To measure for kitchen solid top

10.  To install kitchen solid top

11.  To final coat timber stain for balcony

12.  To touch up [paint] - interior and exterior
- Left with Living Room, Kitchen and Guest Toilet

13.  To fill up holes at false ceiling and paint
- Left with Kitchen area

14.  To fix taps and mixers at kitchen, master and guest toilets

15.  To install lock at main gate

16.  To fix curtain rods and curtains

17.  To fix glass at Master Toilet

18.  To fix glass at Guest Toilet

19.  To fix mirror at Master Toilet

20.  To de-wax and polish floor tiles

21.  To clean windows

22.  To fix kitchen back splash [wet and dry areas]

23.  To commission Daikin Air-con

24.  To install doors for kitchen top hung cabinets

25.  To install doors for kitchen tall cabinets

26.  To rectify [re-laminate] Master bedroom door

27.  To 'iron' laminate at Main Door

28.  To clear all debris

29.  To re-laminate Guest Room door

[These are outstanding works left for the next two days.  The kitchen back splash and cabinet doors will be fixed next week after we move in]

Much against our wishes, we are closing one eye and accommodate as much so that we can achieve a collective target together.  We try not to interfere with her supervision with all the workers and can't help it to see how frustrated they have become.  There are still changes at the last minute.

For the past few days, we over ruled some of her decision.  It becomes a frustration for both parties.  We now have different wants:

-  Chiauw wants perfection.  It does not matter if works are delayed.  There are few things that she has been rejecting [during deliveries] and get these contractors to re-do.  We appreciate her eye for details but we are working against time.  To re-do will mean longer completion.

-  Ken wants a quick and amicable ending.  He is bothered that business relationship with some trades is jeopardized because of last minute orders.  He wants to give in to us since we are accepting discrepancies, and not able to achieve high aesthetics, for some of the fittings and orders.

-  We want most of the works to be completed by Saturday so that we can clean on Sunday.  We want to have a proper move in and not to a house that is still messy.  Told her, again and again, that we can accept minor discrepancies so long that major works are not delayed.

Today, guess it started with Chiauw not achieving the result for the Island Hood and [another] big argument with Uncle Chong which we were not sure of the exact issue.  It put her in a bad mood.  She called us when we were about to leave Hertford and questioned us, in an angry tone, why we wanted Uncle Chong to drill side holes for the living room and the master bedroom TV consoles.

Our request was simple - it was more a convenient thing for us to let some wires out from the amplifiers, placed inside these consoles, to a sub-woofer that will be placed outside.  When we reached there, she showed her unhappiness and insisted that we cannot drill the side hole.  But hey, it is our thing and that we should be allowed to do what we want, right?

We believe by having a side hole will spoil the aesthetic of the TV consoles.  It would probably reflect on her design.  On her professionalism.  On her good work.  Yes, we will be taking a risk that there might be cracks or chips as a result from the drill.  The argument got ugly, and it was really unfortunate and sad, but the hole turned out good with no wood cracks nor laminate chips.

We are still not getting the Franke Island Hood fixed.  There are still problems:

Yay! with all the tension outside the master bedroom, we get to enjoy our new 47" Hitachi LCD-TV:

Haha, we didn't get to enjoy it lah!  It was installed today and then spent time fixing the amplifier and DVD player.  And back to cleaning the house again!

Waiting for the electrician to box-up the dangling wires.

Our washer and dryer has also been delivered:

Machine cannot be pushed all the way in as it is waiting for the plumber to do the water tap behind it.

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