Friday, October 03, 2008

As I Walk My Life On Earth ...

Reflection:  in Solitude, in Abundance .. Magnificent Life

"I Want"

Only when we know where we are going that the journey gets easy.  Knowing that the path will lead us to where we want to go.  Knowing that we will be safe with what we choose.  Knowing it is comforting.  Knowing that it is what we want.  It just make our soul path seems clearer.  The road has less turns.  What I can hold in my heart, I can have it in my hands.  As I think in my heart, so am I.

Question is, do we know where we are going to?  Do we know, everytime we wake up in the morning, what we want to do first?  And then the next thing, and the next thing?  And how we want to spend the rest of the day?  Do we know, everytime when we are troubled, what we want out from it?  Why we want to do such and such a thing?  Do we know, everytime we like someone, what we want it to be?  How we want the next thing to happen?  What we want it to happen next?

Our life is a sacred journey.  It is always about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation.  It continuously expanding our vision of what is possible.  Stretching our soul to learn to see events, and coincidences, clearly and deeply.  We need to listen to our intuition and taking courageous challenges at every step along the way.

Life is just like the labyrinth, full of circles and spirals, it represents our journey, and path, and relates to wholeness.  It creates the consciousness for a choice to be made.  A labyrinth, similar to a maze, is a complex series of winding paths although slightly different.  Unlike a maze that combines twists, turns and blind alleys, a labyrinth is unicursal.  Such is life - the way in is the way out.  There are no blind alleys.  The path we take leads us on a circuitous path to the center and out again.

I have always liked the question, 'So what do you really want?'  It's a basic simple question from the way in to the way out.  It invokes a sacred space and place in us to take.  More than often, it sets us on the path to be exactly where we are meant to be right now.  At a point of our life where we can only go forward and shaping our life story into a magnificent tale of triumph.  Of healing. Of courage.  Of beauty.  Of wisdom.  Of power.  Of dignity.  And of love.

When we ask this question, interestingly, it opens many hidden emotions and, at a very subtle consciousness, it takes us out of our ego to that which is within.  We get to understand ourselves so much better - our personality style and coping skills, our religious and spiritual experiences, how we get along with people and even what we believe about social and political issues.  The more we understand who we are and what makes us tick, with all our strengths and weaknesses, the more we come to understand ourselves.

Most of us just don't know what we want.  But in order to move beyond complacency, we need to know what we want in and out of life.  Try asking yourself the question and see how fast you can figure out what you want.  Try answering these questions:

*  What do you want to achieve by end of the week?
*  How do you want your relationship to grow?
*  Where do you want to bring your parents for the next holidays?
*  Which insurance plan do you want to get next?
*  Why do you want to be in love? Or single?

Don't be surprised that you may not even have the answers.  That you get stuck not knowing where to begin figuring out where to go and what you want for your live.

The problem lies with how we think.  Our mind is 'smart' - for all that we want in life, our mind often triggers the little voice that would probably tell us not to pursue, or do, since it requires us to work for it. 

Work, has somehow, given us a mental notation of incumbent pain and it is best to avoid it.  Our failure, or for whatever that we are not obtaining what we want in life, lies here.  Who we are today, whether we are poor or rich, negative or positive, happy or sad - it's because of who we used to be in the past.

Every results start with the basic question of knowing what 'I want'.  When we know what we want, we have taken a step to be proactive.  We have triggered the vibrations within us to act.  To think.  We bring consciousness of attention and intention. 

In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra wrote "Attention energizes, and intention transforms.  Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life".  The biggest favour we can do to ourselves in life is to figure out what we want.  Figuring out what we want from life is a personal quest.  This not only applies to our carrer but our family, health, personal development and relationship.

We have to communicate clearly the language of what we want.  Internalizing the language is not about saying it with a confused mind.  The end result will not work when we are in doubt.  When we cannot be truthful in how we want, there shall be no result.

Getting crystal clear of our direction in life, of what we want, sets the quantum physics of letting actions and decisions to manifest.  But first, there must be a conviction.  There must be a need.  It is not about creation of luxurious life but of taking charge and claiming your place.  At the same time, it will make clearer realization, and awareness, of what we don't want.

Living a life in a confusion of desires, in a mixed bag of dos and don'ts, in a conflicting puzzle will not lead us to our deepest self and back out into the world, of wanting, with a broadened understanding of who we are.  It does not set us free but empower us to become a prisoner entwined in confusing series of connecting passages. 

To know what we want, even for a simple thing everyday, encourages thoughtfulness.  It shapes our thought, and action, to hold immense power for joy, happiness and peace of mind.

There is no right achievable way to how 'I want' in life.  However, it is what we choose in our attitude that will set the difference.  In choosing the desires - the wants, make it serious.  Make it prayerful.  Make it playful yet realistic.  We ask the question when we play music or sing.  When we pray out loud.  When we walk alone and with a crowd.  When we notice the sky.  When we listen to the sounds.  Most of all, we need to pay attention to our experience.

When we release the answers, and affirming the 'I want ... ', there is an act of letting go and an emptying of worries and concerns.  It is here that we are in a receptive stage in the receiving state of insight, clarity and focus.  Next, it is all about empowerment and taking owernership.  It is about being energized and making what was said to manifest in our world.

In metaphysics and the ethereal world, with the vastness of the Universe and the boundless of abundance that belong to us, there is just no limit to all that 'I want'.  What we need to do is just ask.  It is our attitude towards the 'I want' that keeps apart the results.

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