Thursday, October 30, 2008

God, Please Forgive Us .. and provide us strength

In reflection, one of the biggest lesson we learned from the renovation is about to have patience.  To be aware with every rising anxieties and knowing the best way to ward them off.  To guard the burst of unwanted release of negative emotions.  To embrace kindness.  To communicate.  To know our wants and stay firm.

In the process, it is about letting go.  And, wanting to let go.  It is about having a firm belief, and not entertaining even a tinge of worries, that everything will just be fine.  Not only with the thought nor an effort to achieve but a natural inclination and unconstrained behavior.

At the last leg of our renovation, we encountered some distress.  Especially, when our lease in Hertford ran out.  And, the renovation at Reiki Sanctuary was not completed when we moved in.  Time was against us.  We had many failed plans.  We had wanted to house some guests in early October.  We had wanted to have a longer resting period before November.

We are still running around to get things done for the house.  Reiki Sanctuary is still not fully completed.  There are still outstanding works.  Every other day, there are contractors coming into the house.  Though these works are small, they hinder our movement.  We have to stay home to wait for them and when they leave, there are the chores of tidying and cleaning up the mess.  Only then that we are able to leave the house and run our errands.

We are drained energetically.  We are exhausted mentally and physically.  It will be awhile for us to recoup and going back to our normal life.  However, we keep telling ourselves to slow down to organise the things in Reiki Sanctuary.  It is another lesson - that we are not perfect.  And in imperfection, we need to accept the space of time in between our desires and the our limited energy.

The only thing that we can do, constantly, is to pray.  To have the Universe works for us.  To maintain a healthy mind and body.  To have inner peace.  Importantly, for whatever the course this trying period is teaching us, we need to hold on, not only our faith but in plentiful supply of hopes, and to let love be the light to show us the way ahead.  Afterall, we are already home in Reiki Sanctuary.  We are already surrounded with blessings and prayers.


Thank you to all our dearest family members and supportive friends for your assistance.  For all the encouragement and love.  For the endless concern.  Please do accept our apologies for not being able to entertain much lately.  For not being enthusiastic.  For us coming out with excuses of 'no time'.

~~ Love from Reiki Sanctuary

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