Saturday, October 25, 2008

The New Beginning .. (the first week)

We have moved in.  Yes, at last!

It was a cloudy morning when the mover arrived at Hertford last Monday, 22 October.  We were worried that it would rain but our prayers were answered.  Just after we left Hertford, on the way to Reiki Sanctuary, it started to pour.  We felt blessed.  Somewhat, we felt Hertford was crying.  It was sad to leave.

The weather changed when we arrived at Reiki Sanctuary.  It was fine.  Looking back, we knew the Universe took care of us.  The rain washed away our past and we were greeted with sunshine in Jurong East.  It signified hope.  It adorned our new journey and illuminated for a magnificent life ahead.  For awhile, it let us to forget about the renovation.

The renovation at Reiki Sanctuary was still not finished on the day we moved in.  They were, supposedly, to complete over the last weekend.  For the last few days, we were unable to unpack much as there would always be some workers around.

Today, we are hoping that all these outstanding works can be finally over.  We have been having the workers, from different trades, attending to their works since early this morning.

List of outstanding works [from previous weeks]:

Additional items:

01.  Fixing of Rinnai Cooker Hood
02.  Commissioning Rinnai Cooker Hood  Requires another commissioning
03.  Create new false ceiling for Franke Island Hood
04.  Fixing Toto's Kitchen Sink
05.  Re-positioning Dining Lights
06.  Fixing bracket for Main Door's lock
07.  Fixing Led Night light under Master Toilet's vanity
08.  Fixing power plug in one of Living Room TV Console  Completed on Friday 24th October
09.  Commissioning TV signal
10.  Change all windows roller balls, including balcony sliding doors
11.  Lay black tiles under the washing machine

The rest of outstanding works [Update]:

01.  To vanish the parquet floor

  -  Left with the Main Entrance  Completed on Thursday 23rd October

02.  To install Franke Island Hood

03.  To fix electrical items - Left with Kitchen area  Completed today
04.  To commission electrical outlets - Left with Kitchen area  Completed today
05.  To measure boxing up of lights and to order the Acrylic light shades -  Delivery on Saturday  Still Outstanding
06.  To fix Guest Toilet granite top
07.  To fix Guest Toilet vanity wardrobe  Completed today
08.  To fix Guest Toilet lock
09.  To measure for kitchen solid top
10.  To install kitchen solid top
11.  To final coat timber stain for balcony  Completed Thursday 23rd October
12.  To touch up [paint] - interior and exterior - Left with Living Room, Kitchen and Guest Toilet  Completed today with outstanding touch-up at MBR Toilet
13.  To fill up holes at false ceiling and paint - Left with Kitchen area  Completed today
14.  To fix taps and mixers at kitchen, master and guest toilets  Kitchen mixers completed today
15.  To install lock at main gate
16.  To fix curtain rods and curtains - Scheduled for Tuesday 28th October
17.  To fix glass at Master Toilet
18.  To fix glass at Guest Toilet  Completed today
19.  To fix mirror at Master Toilet
20.  To de-wax and polish floor tiles
21.  To clean windows
22.  To fix kitchen back splash [wet and dry areas]  Completed today
23.  To commission Daikin Air-con
24.  To install doors for kitchen top hung cabinets  Completed 24th October with 1 piece outstanding
25.  To install doors for kitchen tall cabinets  Completed 2th October
26.  To rectify [re-laminate] Master bedroom door
27.  To 'iron' laminate at Main Door  Completed today
28.  To clear all debris
29.  To re-laminate Guest Room door

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