Saturday, October 18, 2008

As The Curtain Falls

This is my last entry from Hertford.  Soon, my PC will be switched off and time for me to open up the chasis and clean all the internal hardware.  It is the usual ritual - all items from Hertford must go through a 'good bath', sort of a cleansing and detoxification ritual, before they are moved to the new Reiki Sanctuary.

I love you, Hertford.  I just love you.  Nothing will change it.  Nothing will change that.

It has been a wonderful 20 years here living in Hertford.  This is the place where I grow - a place where you allowed me to grow.  This is the place that I walk into my spiritual life - a place where you opened the Heaven's Gate.  This is the place that I learn about love.  About relationship.  About celestial insights.  Hertford provides it all.  Quietly, she opens all kinds of life experiences.  She has been very unconditional.

I have no regrets.  She came to me when I wanted to grow.  When I wanted to gain my independent.  When I wanted to reward myself.  She allowed me to experience life, to take small steps as I moved on.  Over the years, she heightened my awareness.  Going through all emotions and the challenging senses of my mind.  I embraced love.  Hate.  Joy.  Sorrow.  Peace.  Solitude.  They are life greatest values.

I learned about family value too.  The importance to love my late parents - and respecting them without judgement.  To be grateful for who they were.  I learned how to love.  How to appreciate another being.  And, accepting each one of us to be a teacher.  To learn from each other.  To learn to let go my expectations.

As I bid my farewell, in all my sadness, you will stay forever in my heart.  I am praying for you. 

For the next few months, you will house new souls.  I am sure you will provide shelter to these people.  You will continue to give your love to them.  It will be no less because you are just you.  And when the day comes that you will be gone forever, to give way to new development, I pray that it shall be without pain.  That you, by that time, have reached your earthly time.  What shall remain is your earthly delights.  A place where life starts.  A beginning for better things to all the souls that you housed.

Thank you for everything, Hertford!! 

I am sure you have sensed my thoughts and emotions for the last few months.  You stood tall for me.  You provided strength.  You kept me peaceful.  You processed new linings of hopes.  You conceived my magnificent path ahead.  You just wanted to keep me safe.

When the new day starts, as I wake up in the new Reiki Sanctuary, it will just be memories.  It will, definitely, be a good one for me.  I will continue to grow but it will be different this time.  What you have put in my heart shall serve for better purpose.  My deepest gratitude and love to you.

Thank you for loving me, Hertford!


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