Thursday, October 02, 2008

Talk To Me

The Universe has an amazing way talking to us.  When we allow our mind to be open, everything around us tell us something.  It is how we want to listen to the cue and make it works.  It is how we want to accept the subtle message and let it be a guiding illumination.  It is how we analyze it that will make the difference.

Life is like an echo.
When I shout, it yells back at me.
Life is like a boomerang.
When I throw it out,
it keeps coming back.

Taken from a friend's blog, this simple "Cute Survey" is another way how the Universe is communicating with us.  It is fun.  It contains a little bag of synchronicity. 

Try it!

The Rules:

01.  Put your music player on shuffle mode.
02.  Press forward for each question.
03.  Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.
04.  Comment on it.
05.  Tag 5 people.  (Anyone can do it, just copy the questions and change accordingly)

Ok, the truth can hurt sometimes! LOL.

1.  How are you feeling today?
Baby can I hold you - Tracy Chapman

Haha, kinda true.  Woke up this morning with thoughts of loved ones.  Today is my late dad's death anniversary too.  Gosh, why do I always live in a dream!

2.  Will you get far in life?
I write the songs - Barry Manilow

Err, If that is so, my song will always be about solitude ler.  Solitary can bring me far? Err, then what happen to 'no man is an island'?

3.  What's your best friend's theme song?
Hello - Lionel Richie

Err, kinda tricky.  Hmm, am I being tested?  Err, have I not bugged you too much liow?  Or this 'hello' is just a slang for 'Duh'?

4.  What is the story of your life?
Only love - Trademark

Ah, I was told that I tend to talk too much about this topic.  Good? Bad?  Haha, you decide!  Ok, I want to know too.

5.  What was high school like?
If I could turn back the hands of time - R Kelly

Simple truth - haha, I wasn't that bright in school!

6.  How can you get ahead with life?
From the mountain - The Stylistics

Ok, it's kinda loud and clear here - go up mountain often! Perhaps, it has always been the way I think that 'we come here on earth alone, we shall go home alone too".

7.  What's the best thing about your friends?
Knife - Rockwell

Eeeeekkkkkssssss!! Ok Ok, so the young wise man was right.  There's nothing wrong with them, it's me!  His word - I am a hindrance! Sorry guys!  Hahaha, better luck next time?

Why knife?  To leave me bleed? To cut and go separate ways?  Hmm, maybe should shuffle next song and see if it's:
1.  Separate Lives - Phil Collins or
2.  Separate Ways - Craig David

Argh, why isn't there this choice? Hahaha

8.  Describe your grandparents
If we hold on together - Diana Ross

Ah, sweet - it's all about family values!  Blood is thicker than water?  I always knew I can trust on them.  But wait!, Err, but maternal or paternal? 

9.  How's your life going?
When you tell me that you love me - Diana Ross

Err, Ok, this can be rather pathetic!  Haha.  WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

10.  What will be played at my funeral?
I will remember you - Sarah McLachlan

Hahahaha -- err, is this the rainbow at the end of the tunnel? A Hope?  And what happen to question 7?  Will I be remembered badly?  Piang!  Please don't throw eggs / sh*t / what-have-you on my tombstone hor!!!

11.  Will you have a happy life?
One day I'll fly away - Randy Crawford

I have been waiting all these while leh!!!!  Oh wait, only a day?  And fly away where?  Can't there be heaven on earth?

12.  What do your friends really think of you?
You've got a friend - Carole King

Super confusing! I still have friends?!  They think or I think?

13.  Do people secretly lust after you?
Killing me softly with this song - Roberta flack

LOL - reality sucks!  Geez, do I need to go so low to get attention?  Argh, why not "It's Raining Men"?!

14.  How can you make yourself happy?
You're my everything - Santa Esmeralda

Ah, self love?  Err, tricky! narcissistic value?  Why can't it be something else?

15.  Will you ever have children?
You raise me up - Josh Groban

LOL - such a corny pun!  Viagra?

16.  What song would you strip to?
Valentine - Martina McBride

Haha, am I that err shy? Acting virgin? Old C Act Tight?

17.  What does your mom think of you?
Masterpiece - Atlantic Starr

Alamak!!  Then again, hugs to you, mum! Guess, you are always so proud of me!  Haha, was afraid it could be 'Woman in Love - Barbara Streisand'!!!

18.  What is your deep, dark secret?
Wind beneath my wings - Bette Midler

Oops, should not flap my wings too big then! It might expose the secret!  Hahaha

19.  What is your enemy's theme song?
Bye bye bye - N Sync

LOL -- Err, and I won't get to see them again? Ever? Good Riddance?  Thought we suppose to learn alot from our enemies?  Ok, guess I must say 'Take care!, It had been nice!' here then.  Hehehe

20.  What's your personality like?
Show me the meaning of being lonely - Back Street Boys

Ah, was told this before! - loneliness has always been my strength.  Sorry friends, it is always comfortable inside the cave up the mountain ler.  Catch you in heaven? See you next life?  Hahaha, guess  Reiki Sanctuary is not open to all! :P

Oops, and gosh! Have I not fully understood the feeling?  What else need to be shown?

21.  What will be played at your wedding?
I honestly love you - Olivia Newton John

Awwww.  Told you that I honestly love you, right? Hahaha, still don't believe?

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