Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing Is A Coincidence

The more I observe the world around me, the more I believe that nothing is a coincidence.  A lot of our daily interactions, all the reciprocal actions and reactions in our daily life, are not just random quirks of the Universe.  We need to watch our thoughts and possibly every thought that comes to mind.  Results depend on where the thought is - it sets up an entire chain of counter reactions and actions.  There is a reason for everything.  Even tragedy.  And, I would always want to believe that everything that happens will happen for a good reason.

There is significant message in every event of our lives.  From the most joyful and empowering to the inexplicable or seemingly unjust.  We just need to discover the meaning in what has happened and to see these experiences as gifts.  As lessons.  As opportunities.  We need to see every difficulty as a challenge.  A stepping stone.  Coincidences have genius, magic and power in them.  They are "designed" to be our conversation with God.  They are there for a reason and we should never be defeated by anything, or anyone.  They are the dawn of change for us to use of the nature's way.  They are the forces close at hand untried.

It cannot be only a coincidence, that afternoon when I spoke to Ruby not to fight nor struggle anymore that she slipped my hands to join the Rainbow Bridge later.  Coincidences follow a set pattern and have a higher purpose.  It is just that we fail to notice it.  We are unable to notice because we are often too caught up with our busy schedule.  With our refusal to see the truth.  With our disregard to our higher awareness.  With all the clouds of scepticism.

Two weeks before Ruby passed away, an incident happened when I thought she had gone missing.  For a good twenty minutes, I could not find her in the house and thought I had lost her.  I was frantic.  I was crying.  She felt my emotions.  The Universe must have led her to know that I may not reach the dawn saved by the path of the night should she passed away in the house.

We need to smell the roses, so to speak and to pause to ponder in order for us to link the usual happenings, in our daily life, for a greater scheme of things.  Answers to all our doubts, worries and fears - or even joy, are right in front of us all the time.  Question is, are we conscious enough to associate them?  To become natural with the flow and find solace and strength in our lives.  Becoming aware of the coincidences is one definite step towards our spiritual evolution.

We are living not in a material universe but exist within a universe that has been created out of dynamic energy.  When we discover the true meaning of the events in our life that everything changes.  We become wiser when we see how everything connects.

Those spoken words told to Ruby as not to fight and struggle any longer were reflection of my mental past.  I was not in touch with the life that I intend to lead.  Until I get to it, nothing is going to feel right.  It is her death that makes sense of the catastrophe.  I am overcoming obstacles to realize my potential, strength and will power.  To be in harmony within a relationship, reaching a stage of philosophical understanding at one with the world.

When the light has appeared, where does the darkness go?  How can one wish to hold for long the light of the setting sun?

Nothing is a co-incidence.  The people we meet affect our life.  The successes and downfalls that we experience create who we are.  The rejections and the bad experiences can be lessons about trust.

We may think we have a choice in what we do, but in reality, we will always make the same decision when all the situations around us remain the same.  The one we think is the right one at that time.  The right way, or passage, does not belong to things seen nor to things unseen.  It does not belong to things known, nor to things unknown.  We just have to open ourselves as wide as the sky to allow the way.

For now, it is about time that I should start trusting my intuition rather than letting practicality override all my thoughts.  The thing is, everyone of us have an inherent energy that can be projected in any direction if only we can focus on it for long.  We just need to allow our souls with the power of positive thinking.  No soul that aspires can ever fail to rise; no heart that loves can ever be abandoned.

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