Thursday, August 28, 2008

The August Consciousness

Year:  2008

As we look around us, the month of August, year 2008, we seem to notice the collective consciousness of light is being focussed to our mothers.  How we start to reflect on their love.  How it will impact us.  The lesson it carries.  The experiences that emerge with a golden flame of ascended love.  The unfolding of our life plan.  The arising of consciousness of divine gift, through their love, and the evolution of our mind towards oneness.

August 2008 is a month of Fifth dimension - the formation of New Earth and Co-operation.  It is a magnificent month in which Mother Earth will be flooded with Golden Flame and the rebirth of great perfection and beauty.  It is the next step in our evolution to bring heaven to earth.

Just look around us.  Some of us are blessed that the lesson comes from our source - our mother.  There's a saying - If it was going to be easy, it never would have started with something called "labour".    That's what motherhood is about.  And, that is precisely what labour of love is.  We need to recognise this phenomenon.  We need to deeply understand its implication.

Mothers and August 2008 - they are not a separate entity.  They happen to bring us to the economy of love, of co-operation and sharing.  It is the beginning of a new creation of networks and structures for the fifth dimensional energy of oneness and unconditional love.  As the consciousness of light connects with our hearts, it will be immensely powerful.  This is the merging of spiritual, political and social forms of being and functions.

Let's just observe some of the world events happening in the month of August.  We have the 'One world, One dream' bringing the world to focus to Beijing; the political changes in Malaysia, Thailand and USA and the spiritual awakenings of individuals around us .  What is common here, is a desire to work from Love, the heart and with spirit.  It is, at this level, that the formation of networks of conscious and awakened individuals begins to take shape.

Simply, it is about renewing the old lesson for giving gratitude.  For rejoicing love.  For further development of acceptance and the possibilities that lie in front of us and that lie within us.  It is a spiritual realm of higher consciousness.  The time has come for us to draw into soul families and groups and to co-operate together.  With it, there is a need for us to forgive.  The need for us to realise.  The need for us to accept.  The need for us to open up with love.  The need for us to bring peace within.  And, the need for us to respect.  We need to look within and then to look out.

It is the consciousness level of crescendo change in us and in our environments - physcial, mental and spiritual.  It is the consciousness of love that will manifest the next phase.  It will assist us in accordance to our choices and to achieve divine management for the highest good of all.

We should take advantage of this fifth dimensional consciousness of light to understand ourselves.  To ask ourselves 'where do I fit in?'.  As we are awakened, we need to allow ourselves to express our roles.  We need to create the essence of the consciousness of one.  Just as in mother's labour, we need to express the motherhood's labour of love into us.  Only when we are able to think, to experience, to feel - 'internalisation' - that we serve life with purpose.  We re-create the legend that since God could not be physically present amongst all His people, He created mothers to take His place.  We should live life with enormous depth of commitment, just like our mothers, with the loveliest masterpiece of the heart of love.  It has to be filled with unselfish and endless devotions, joys, pains and sacrifices.

For us to embrace and harvest this fifth dimension, we must ask ourselves further questions.  'How do I go from here?'.  'What do I need to know?'.  'Where will it bring me?'

It starts with patient and forgiveness.  It must be filled with hopes, dreams, tears and pleasures.  It has to be a lifelong commitment.  More often, it requires much more giving than receiving.  But it is something that is given with delight, gratitude, enthusiasm and satisfaction.  It cannot be measured.  For it has no beginning.  No end.

Let the love for our mothers open up a wonderful transformation of our mind.  The awareness for prayers.  The desperation for continued joy.  The determination to live.  The ceremony for togetherness.  The celebration to forgive.  The integration of love.

It is a month of blessing of Light.  We only need to learn to surrender to the guidance of Love by being willing to participate.  By being willing to wait in patience.  When the time is right, there will be a heightened consciousness that will lead us to a perfect place in the emerging structure of August Consciousness.

Let love be love.  Let peace be our individual empowerment.  Each of us is a part of the whole, and each one of us is needed to create the whole.  This is the essence of the Consciousness of One.


My thoughts and prayers are with the mothers of my friends - JH, Roy, Sam.  Also, for the well being of these friends and their families.

This writing is also for all Mothers.

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