Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This I Promise You ..

With the fresh new look, Reiki Sanctuary is just so stunningly beautiful.  Clean.  Elegant.  Smooth.  Her colour brightens up our life every time we just look at it.  Every time we are surrounded by it.  Every time we touch it, we feel this static, this feeling where we could reach for the sky.

It is our choice colour.  A colourised aura of intense energy of calmness, serenity and tranquility.  It is how we like it.  It is how we manifest our life shall be.  It is how we want it to be.  It is, in the sea of many choices, we know that you are just the right one.  You are just a great joy to watch, to feel and such a peaceful palette of colour adorning Reiki Sanctuary with your purity.  It will be forever, it has to be forever.

We didn't have much hesitation when choosing the wall colour for Reiki Sanctuary.  Right from the very beginning, we are focussed to have a colour of purity and innocence - white.  We are set with our desires and the goal that we want to achieve.  It has to be a colour to fill with a deep sense of purpose.  A colour that will, in her subtle spiritual consciousness, signify for a clear mindset.  A wishful pool of values.  A thousand dreams fulfilled.  A courageous development.  A loving understanding.  One hope.

With her pure 'Frosted Dawn' palette, it will compliment all the furniture and furnishings in the house.  We just don't have to worry placing an item, anywhere in the house, and fear that it will clash with the wall colour.  That's the beauty of having a white - but, in our case a slightly off-white, wall.  You just make everything beautiful in your presence.  You just beautify and give life to all the things around you.  In some metaphysics, white is the colour of completion, of ultimate wisdom and of assimilation of all life lessons.

White, to some human eye, can also be blinding.  That's the beauty of it.  The colour is just full of purity, cleanliness and innocence.  In most cases, white is seen as a neutral background colour and other colours, even when used in smaller proportion, are the colours that convey the most meaning in a design.

Right from the beginning, back to the early Drawing Board's days with Chiauw, the goal is to have a plain white wall.  It is fixed in our mind.  In our heart.  We envisioned it would be a choice colour that will greatly reflect simplicity.  A colour that, somehow, makes a small area looks bigger, wider and spacious.  Guess, that's what we are seeking in our life too.  In the purity of the mind, and in the simpliciity of the soul, we want it to be filled with the vastness of hopes and faiths.  To let it expand in life abundance, wrapped in majestic values, yet simple and full of tranquility.

Now that we have found you, though it comes with an off-white texture, it still soothes our psyche and continually spreads loving vibrations in our hearts.  In all our loving awareness - in this wonderful journey, we want to remind ourselves to keep you the way you are.  To let you shine the way you are supposed to be.  To let you feel free yet wanted.  To let you filled with joy, with love and with peace.  To keep you warm and safe with our love.  To create a world where dreams are a part.  To remind us of the beauty of love, and of joy.  To respect, in your palette, a consciousness of crisp, pure, clean and fresh.  You are the colour of beginnings, as well as clear endings.

You will be the colour of our walls.  The balance to all things within.  You paint love all over our hearts.  And you brought out the colours of our life.  The shining softness of your colour just decorate our life.  And we just love you.

The painter painted our place last weekend applying the sealer to the whole house and mould guard to the entire house ceilings and kitchen area.  The walls were painted with ICI Dulux Light & Space "Frosted Dawn".  The second coating, or perhaps the third, will only be done before the hand-over of the place.

The Colour that we chose:

View of painted walls

Living Room / Dining / Kitchen

Guest room

Master Bedroom / Study Area

The colour here in the picture does not do justification of the actual colour.  Hehe, guess, it has to do either the camera or the lighting that day.

Study Area

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