Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ma! It's Mess Everywhere!

From Hertford to Reiki Sanctuary, we are filled with mess.  We keep telling ourselves that it's a pretty normal thing since we are moving out.  And, at the opposite end of our life now, Reiki Sanctuary is undergoing major renovation to get ready for us to move in.  Which, the day could be anytime towards the end of this month.  It's a matter of weeks now.  It will be the start of a new life.

The Mess in Hertford:

Look at how messy our hall has become!
Guess, even our friend, Ranjit and her ang-moh husband, Albert will not want to come and visit.

Even our plants are dying!

And more mess in the Study Room

For now, we hope the mess is not an excuse for our laziness, of not leading our normal life, but an excuse for a conscious effort of clarity and focus.  That we create a positive energy of detachment and to think that we are conserving our energy for a proper time, nearer to us moving out, to sort things out. 

We are, definitely, not accustomed in the beginning.  Mess is sprouting anywhere and everywhere and at all time.  Perhaps, it is reflecting our initial thoughts of confusion.  Of the anxiety of new possibilities.  Of uncertainty for the infinite correlation.  Of a new orchestra of space-time events to bring about the outcome that is intended for us.

We let our mind to detach from the daily consciousness of orderliness.  And attachment.  This is to release us from becoming a prisoner of helplessness.  Of hopelessness.  Of mundane needs and trivial concerns.  Of quiet desperation and seriousness. 

In relinquishing our attachment to the daily chores, to the tidy Hertford that it used to be, we are stepping into the consciousness of an unknown territory of mess.  We open our mind into the field of all possibilities.  We are inviting the magic of life, the celebration of opposites, the exhilaraton of spirits and the exultation for the law of vacuum to come.

The mess has been an endless sight right from the very beginning when we decided to uproot.  It takes a certain amount of realization, and faith, that we are going to release many things and replace with something of equal or greater value. 

It is the letting go that is a little hard.  Perhaps, this is the unknown energy that results in us to let Hertford in a such a messy place.  It is our attachment to all the things in here.  For they have served us well.  With their love.  With their abundance.  With their joy.  We have greatly relied our entire life to everything within.

While Hertford is all about letting go, and detachment, Reiki Sanctuary overcomes the mess in a more dynamic development.  Renovation works, that filled with lots of dust and chaotic renovation materials, are properly planned.  Thanks to Chiauw who insisted to all the contractors that they tidy the place at the end of each working day.  Everyday, the contractors will pile their things in one place and to sweep away the mess they created.  It is the way we want it too.

Simply, it is about awareness for creating space.  The universe cannot put good into our hand, only until we let go of what we are holding in it.  The nature of the universe, being filled with infinite abundance, shudders a vacuum.  It always will fill it with something. 

Just like when we walk down the beach, we leave footprints in the sand.  But give the wind and the waves a few minutes, and those tracks will be filled in again.  Just as vegetation will cover a field and an agenda expands to the time budgetted for a meeting.

When Chiauw got all the contractors to co-operate, there is a tide of positive energy filling into the vacuum and the consciousness to attract the space for peace of mind instilled.  What we like about her style is, she allocates and demarcates each trade into one room for the workers to place their things at the end of the day.  Like the left-over unfinished paints in the guest room, the unfinished works of the ceiling guys in the living room and the unfinished works flooring contractors in the dining area.  It is in an organized mindset, and planned intention, that the law of vacuum resonates to the fullest.

The Mess in Reiki Sanctuary:

Paints left by the painters in the Guest Room

False Ceiling boards left by the ceiling guys in the Living Room

Parquet and Chengal woods left by the flooring contractors

It is such a practice that will give way to better outcomes.  Better rewards.  We are, through her systematic acts, surrounded by good things everywhere.  It is, definitely, a self fulfilling breakthrough for us to achieve our dreams.  And dreams are a reality to those who believe in them.  We do! 

The Law of Vacuum loves space and, forever, waiting to fill it up.  If we want greater good, greater prosperity in our life, we have to start forming a vacuum to receive it.  We have to get rid of what we do not want and to make room for what we want.  This philosophy applies to all of our personal style, our personal growth and for our self development.

To make room for all things good, we must learn to give up and to let go.  As we give up and cast away old ideas and attitudes, old possessions, and put in their place new ideas, our conditions will steadily improve.

Do not hinder our advance or stop it by holding onto the old.  We just have to embrace the new.

As we advance confidently in the direction of our dreams, and endeavour to live the life we have imagined, success will come to us unexpectedly in common hours.

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