Monday, September 01, 2008

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

The first thing we notice - and perhaps, all the residents and visitors waiting for the lift at the gound floor of our block, is the sign 'Camera In Operation'.  It is an unusual sight for HDB.  It does not make us uncomfortable.  Rather, the sign gives us a sense of security.  An assurance.  A peace of mind.  It is a good feeling that someone is watching.

That's how our mind usually works.  When we know that our actions are watched, or quietly scrutinized, we are compelled to act our best.  We become aware of our interactions.  Our intentions.  Our habitual mode switches and we tend to take control of our own behaviour.  We psyche ourselves 'to behave' and to be the person we want to be.  It is like, we tell ourselves, 'Hey, God is watching.  Better be good.  Better be truthful.  Better be honest'.  Or like a child with the presence of the parents, he or she just feels comforted.  There is a sense of being guided.  There is a direction to take.  There is hope.

Surely the sign is there for a reason.  We believe it is to deter students from the nearby secondary school from loitering around after their school hours.  To go home and back to their families.  Ah, but it could be more than just that.  It is probably not only meant for the students but for residents and visitors alike.  It is a sign for us to engage into something useful.  Something worthwhile.  For whatever it is, the sign surely makes anyone to be in awareness.  To take charge of the thinking mind.  To sensitize the presence of being.  It guards our behaviour.  It aims to enforce proper social etiquette and set us into a caring environment.

Indeed, the sign was the early subtle indicative message worthwhile of our decision to get Reiki Sanctuary.  It will constantly remind us that we cannot escape from the emptiness in our lives.  That we can run but we cannot hide.  How much we want to believe that we are worthwhile and valuable, yet our emptiness and meaninglessness cannot escape.

It is also a psychological reminder for us to stay truthful.  To be honest.  To do good, not only to ourselves, but to others.  It is a sign for life lesson.  That it reminds us to continually motivate ourselves, and exercise self-help, and move towards humanistic psychology to take control of our own life.

It is having such a device that provides us with a good perspective and insight into our life.  In awareness, it reveals our habits and identifying message of truth.  When we find our true self that we shall discover a meaningful human relationship.  It uncovers superficiality and, at the same time, deepens respect.  It will alleviate our distress by transforming a thing of great ugliness into a thing of beauty.  It is a sign for us to love and appreciate each other.  To live life with honesty, integrity, decency and morality.

The beauty in life is all about walking each day to enjoy.  To interact.  To give.  To love.  To be honest.  To be truthful.  To be what God wants us to be.  It is with gratitude that this sign is there - as we pass it everyday, it will be a constant reminder to live our life honestly.  Because, it pays.

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