Monday, September 22, 2008

Walk With Me

Dear Uncle Chong,

Please walk with us again and, please please give us more reassurances. 

We were a little shocked when we went down to the site yesterday.  We are not complaining about the quality of your works but we observed that the joinery works in the Master Bedroom / Study Area and the Living Room TV Console were far from completed.  Our heart dropped and the next thing that popped in our mind was the big question if we can move in as planned.

Didn't we agree that the works should finish on Saturday, 20th September? 

What happened, Uncle Chong?  Yes, you deployed most of your workers and we saw eight of them working at the site on Thursday last week.  Yes, we also agreed with you that there is a huge amount of joinery works.  However, you had been briefed and agreed to undertake the project.  Plus, we had made 70 percent payment.

This week, you should be doing our kitchen cabinet and the joinery works for the Guest Room and the Dining area.  We hope that works at the site can start as soon as possible, preferably on Wednesday.  That will give you ample time to finish by the following Tuesday, the latest.  It is also the date that you had promised us where all the joinery works in the house should be completed.

You see, Uncle Chong, we are getting very worried - again.  We must admit that we are rather new to all these joinery works and, pardon us, if we sound rather apprehensive.  At the look of it, just for the works at the Master Bedroom and Study area, we figure that it will take more than two days to complete.  There seems to be a lot more works not done yet.

Can all the joinery works in the house be completed by 30th September as promised earlier?

These are the changes that need to be rectified:

01.  The entrance to the Master Toilet

We decided to do away with the double panel.  The Recycled Wardrobe will stay but the wood panel at the vanity area need to be taken off.  It is just ugly! We want it to be replaced with a half length, from floor to top of vanity, with a 12 mm clear glass.

02.  Master Wardrobe

We need more space for hanging our clothes.  There should be another hanging pole at where the drawers are.  You need to cover the existing holes.

03.  Suspended TV Consoles at Living Room and Master Bedroom

Just for the record, we just feel that the consoles are too low from the floor and they don't look 'suspended'.  However, after you had explained to us about the 'hollow' wall, we will accept them.

Uncle Chong, you need to know that there are still few outstanding works that need to be carried out after your completion.  Chiauw needs few days for other trades to commence works.  These are other works waiting till you are done:

01.  The granite guys to install the granite for the vanity tops at Master and Guest Toilets.
02.  The plumber to install the tap mixers.
03.  The ceiling guys to fix the false ceiling at the entrance of the study area.  This is an extra work as you needed to open the false ceiling to lay tracks for the sliding door.
04.  The electrician to lay socket points at where you have created the flushed walls.
05.  The painters to give the final coat.
06.  The last vanishing to the chengal wood.
07.  The installation of the main gate.
08.  The installation of the kitchen sink, kitchen hob and island hood.
09.  General clean-up before Chiauw can finally hand us the house.

We hope you can understand our problem.  We have to vacate our place by 6th October.  Definitely, it will cause great inconvenience to move in when the house is still in a big mess.  We also don't wish other renovation works to be carried out when we are staying there.

Yours Sincerely,

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