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>br /> We all go through periods in our life, and of time, when things just don't seem to be going our way.  We get into arguments, disagreements or fights with our friends, our siblings, our partners or even our parents.  Or our grades, and expectations, are less than impressive.  Or perhaps, we don't like the way our life is being influenced or dominated.

Life is about acceptance.  Unfortunately, we often take an easy way out and want to blame others.  When things go wrong and our butt's on the line, we just badly want to push the blame to others.  Because that makes life a tad easier.  Just blame others, and our name and integrity is cleared.

Fact is, everyone makes mistakes either caused by us or by third parties.  The saddest thing, when mistakes are made, we are easily led by our own self-esteem and self-defence to blame others, the people around us.  It is easier to start shooting blame.  We just have to shift the guilt somewhere.  Often times, we feel that we must be the last one to own the blame.  The last one to admit mistakes are made.  It is just easier to wait for something better to come along than to actively work to change the status quo.

In general, the thought that we are responsible for our own mistakes cannot be comprehended.  It makes us feel relieved when the burden is passed.  It is almost always someone else's fault, or their wrongdoings, that has brought us to the current situation.  Our fingers are quick to point at others, forgetting that four other fingers are still pointing at us.  After all, who wants to be blamed for any mistakes, regardless of whether it is our or someone else's mistakes.

Somehow, it is hard, both physically and emotionally, to try and make a change in our lives, even if it is a small one.  It is always too hard, and too much of an attack on our pride, to consider that perhaps we are mostly responsible for our own experiences.  For our own failures.  Worse, when we characterize ourselves as being unfortunate.

When the pressure starts to surface where we have to vacate Hertford by 24th September and Reiki Sanctuary can only be handed to us by 2nd October, we are ready to shoot out the blame missiles.  We list down our targets.  For some strange unreasonable defence mechanism, our minds elude ourselves.  Consciously, this is the easiest.   Painless.  Our self esteem fools us to think we are not scheming.  Our self defence prides us to take the role of a victim.  It is when we refuse to lower our ego that we start to lose self respect. 

We always want others to think highly of us.  We always want sympathies to make us look better.  Such is how we take comfort.  Such is how we yearn for acceptance.  Such is the mind's ploy.  It is pretty normal to attribute what is happening in our lives and the circumstances we find ourselves in and shift it to some other cause.  We simply refuse to understand, and accept, that we are to blame.  Guess, it's a big challenge, and personal let down, to admit that we are wrong or that we have not been doing enough to be in control of our lives.

It is even harder to think, and accept, that others together with their opinions, experiences and reactions have shaped our circumstances.  We simply brush off with lame attitude that we have lost power or say in the matter.  We fail to understand that if we don't like the way things are going, we can actually change it.  Our natural instinct is always to sit around and complain about the current and less-than-appealing situation.

However, If we are to continue to focus and blame someone else for the delay, the problem will not solve.  More often than not, it would only create more problem especially in the relationship with that person, or everyone else, around us.

Reiki Sanctuary has come into our life for a greater life purpose.  The journey is filled with great lesson towards compassion.  The journey is full of opportunities for us to take charge of our attitude.  To reflect.  To have an inward thinking.  To think that when there is love, everything else just follow.  There is no room for blame.  For hate.  For disappointments and anger.  Only when we open our minds that we will see love in action.  It is love that has put everyone and their energy into this project.  That everyone cares.  That everyone has one common goal and that is to give Reiki Sanctuary a life.
Nobody likes to fail and nobody loves mistakes.  If we are not to own these opportunities, and to realize the virtues in life's imperfection, we will not be able to embrace acceptance.  Blaming others for our failures, for our mistakes, will only nurture and sky-rocket our ego.  It actually, unconsciously, fails our life tremendously.  It leads us to a degeneration of emotions.  Of not able to practice forgiveness.  Of not allowing to take sole responsibilities.  Of not allowing our minds to stay positive.  Or a lesson on second chances and to learn from incident.  Importantly, it is the greatest failure to stay humble. 

We may face little inconveniences to extend our stay in Hertford.  We have to start paying rent.  We may have to pay penalties for further delaying the deliveries of the items we bought.  However, in the words of the wise young man, "it is easier to forgive ourselves than to forgive others".  It is also in 'paying out', that abundance awaits.  Isn't this what life is all about.  That we just have to work for what we want.  Isn't prayers, or making an intention, work too?

When we start to take the blame for not doing what, and how, we want things should be, we are forgiving ourselves.  We stop blaming others for our mistakes.  For our failures.  It is about letting go and taking charge of our lives.  It is about the awareness that everyone has their own problems with their lives from time to time too.  It is also about taking charge of your own situation.

We are all human; we make mistakes and we are all misunderstood from one time to another.  Even two trees of the same specie standing next to each other can be different.  We are a thinking human and we must learn to be willing to give and take. 

Different Strokes for Different Folks - If only the trees can talk!  The two trees just outside our balcony is a great reminder of our different existence.  Of our different thinking.  It is about making use of the common ground to survive together.  To accept.  To forgive.  To care and to live in harmony for each other.  We just have to try, and try harder.  Love awaits those that share blame together.

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