Sunday, September 07, 2008

The House Keeper

The wonder of life lies in a harmonious, loving and quality partnership with things around us.  Of people bonding to each other.  Of a relationship of intention and courage.  Of inter-connecting with true essence and being of who we really are.  Of empowering each other to fulfill full potential and giving encouragement, support and believe in one another.

It is about establishing meaningful communication.  The co-operation to work together, the realization of feeling connected and the respect to let love and joy shine through.  It is what we put into it that guarantees the stability of the foundation.  Partnership enhances awareness and communication which sustains love.  When we give love, we'll get love.  When we give care, we'll get care.  When we give respect, we'll get respect.  Basically, it is all about the deepest intention, of our mind and soul, and the universe will just conspire with us.

Likewise, when we give worries, we'll get worries.  When we give a little, we'll get a little.  It is just the way things work around us.  We think positive, we become positive.  We think negative, we become negative.  Think of love, and what we become is love.  Now, when we think of hate, we will only incite the hateful feelings.  We would only fool ourselves to expect to get much when we are only giving with selfish and calculated mindset, even how small the intention is.

Partnership works only when we merge placing our soul in the hands of our partner, and in togetherness, it provides all our happiness.  But a fulfilling partnership does not happen automatically and it does not happen when the partnership is driven by a need rather than caring.  For a partnership to grow, we must give our time and attention.  We must each give to the other and not just be focussed on what it is that we need.

As with anything we aspire to, the more we put in the more we will get back.  Look, for example, at a plant's life.  Plants need care in order to survive and grow.  They need water, fertilizer, light and air.  If we do not give them these essential elements, they will wither and die.  Partnerships are no different, they need certain essential elements in order for them to grow and proper or they too may die on the vine.

It is in developing the essential elements that integrate a healthy and loving partnership.  Giving a sense of security provides the assurance.  Importantly, it places value.

To provide us with a place of great partnership to relax and to feel free, we bring the outdoor life into our balcony.  We bring an increased sense of enjoyment of the outdoor with the chengal wood.  It is the hardest wood to provide the foundation.  The house keeper to keep us in harmony as we relax our souls in the balcony.  The partnership of chengal wood and the balcony is about promoting our souls towards creativity, trust, empathy, mutual respect and caring.  It's the marriage of two opposites - the hardy chengal wood that is capable of surviving unfavourable conditions and Reiki Sanctuary that seeks comfort, serenity and tranquility.

Chengal wood is one of the hardest wood, mainly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.  The wood has pale yellow sapwood and light brown heartwood which darkens on exposure.  It is a heavy, dense resistant wood and commonly used for heavy construction or boat building.  It is naturally durable, containing substances which repel wood destroying agents.  It is safe without preservative treatment in all climates.  Basically, it is a heaven for wood lover.

The balcony is the only area in the house where it will be different from the rest.  It is a place of remaining flexible and not putting expectations.  It is an extended 'family' but an integral partnership with Reiki Sanctuary.

The joiner has yet to finish the work on the wood.  He needs to treat the wood one more time.

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