Thursday, September 11, 2008

Timeline - In Perspective

Life is beautiful
No matter how bitter we are
How poor we are
How miserable we are
How ugly we are.

Life is beautiful
When we take pleasure in everything
In all our tears
In all our laughters
In all our disagreements
In all our understandings.

Life is beautiful
Because you care
Because you are there
Because you will be there.

Life is beautiful
In all the hopes
In all the faith.

Indeed, Life is beautiful
When we say
"I love you".

Little that we expect we would ever move out of Hertford.  Change is constant.  Change is good.  Just like the morning sunrise, it is how we make our day - each day everyday.  It is the desire to live that makes all the difference in our lives.  It is about making good.  It is about wanting to make it good.  It is about celebration.  It is about wanting to celebrate.  It is about gratitude.  It is about wanting to live life with gratitude.  And appreciation.  It is about experiencing life in all the possibilities, without struggle.  Just letting it flow and overflow.  It is the resistance that makes us lose all the chances the Universe is offering.  With every struggles, we simply are not accepting the beauty of life.

The Universe is always kind.  We just have to believe that and it is not a blind faith.  We just have to keep reminding it with each breath.  For all the things that we don't want, the Universe delays them for us.  For all the things that we doubt, the Universe presents an alternative.  It is how we bring consciousness into our awareness.  And let our realization takes control of our mind.  It is how we interpret the consciousness, the realization and acceptance, that makes the difference.  The Universe never fails in providing us with all the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional successes.  The Universe is always conspiring for the best of our beings.  We just have to be conscious in all its positive intention and energy.

Uncertainties are baby steps.  They have to be taken for they will lead us to bigger things.  We should not doubt.  In doubts, we fail.  We should not refuse.  In refusal, we lose.  We should not run away.  In running, we fall.  When we want to expand and grow, and create affluence in lives, the wealth consciousness in the fields of all possibilities, we must learn to accept all.  We should not, or at least minimise, our analytical mind.  The more questions we ask, the more burdens we are to carry.  It is always the 'what-if' that retards life progress.  It is always the 'maybe' that deprives us from getting the full rewards.

In all her beauty, in all her joyous opportunities, Timeline - In Perspective is about putting all the beautiful collections of photos - taken throughout the journey, in one storyline.  It is about honouring the celebration.  About acceptance that we are just a part of it.

Timeline One - The Beginning (Early 2008) - "The Letting Go"

Hertford Story

Timeline Two - The Search for Reiki Sanctuary - "The New Beginning"

Reiki Sanctuary

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