Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Going Home

As I walk my life on earth ...
Reflection: in Solitude, in Abundance .. Magnificent Life

Part Two
When I Am Home

In Going Home, we need to have a shift in paradigm of mind.  We need to recognize the BIG questions.  Who am I?  What is it that makes me act myself?  Who or what controls my actions and make me do things that perpetuate my existence?  What is the material nature of I?  Is I in me or outside me? 

The cause of our vulnerability - our hurt and rejection, lie not in our stars or in the twist of fate but in ourselves.  The paradigm of mind is about recognizing reality.  What we see around us is a reflection of our own vision, and happening, because we are trying to visualize us from outside.

Part of Going Home is about living today as though it is our last day.  We make good of what we have now.  We do away the feeling that there is always something can wait .. something to be gotten through first .. some unfinished business .. time still to be served .. or a debt to be paid. 

We should not let our soul regret the things that we have wanted to do.  To accomplish.  To give and provide.  Not for others.  Not for the chains of seeking man's approval.  Why chase after something that we can never get enough of and that will never satisfy?  Do it because we want it.  Because we appreciate it.  Because we don't want to leave behind a life with regrets.

Live today as though it is our last day.  We cannot keep telling ourselves that our life will be completed until we get a nicer car .. until we lose 5 kilos .. until we gain 5 kilos .. until we get a partner .. until we get separated .. until Friday night .. until Sunday morning .. until we get a home .. until our mortgage is paid .. until spring .. until summer .. until the month of January .. until the month of December .. until the first or fifteenth .. until our songs are played .. until we get a drink .. until we die.

The truth is, there is always no better time than right now.  Why hold another minute, another day, another chance?  Treasure every moment that we have.  And treasure it more because we want to share it with someone special.  And special enough to spend our time.  Time waits for no one.  Happiness is a journey and not a destination.

Do we not always hold back our words and actions until it is too late?  Often, we miss telling our loved ones that we love them until they are gone.  We let an opportunity to slip away that could change circumstances in life.  Instead, we are warped with an analytical mind to reduce the acts of affections in return for self worth. 

Words are energy and so are our actions.  Repetition is said to be a mother of learning.  To repeat positive emotions and to say the words I-Love-You, over and over again, are life empowerment.  It culminates a higher vibration.  It invokes us to live life lovingly. 

Why are we acting selfishly, or cowardly, to say these words when we seek love in life?  When we know that love heals, that love connects us together.  Why do we not empower this word and let it be part of us?  Let it magnify our energy.  Our light.  We can't feel love nor are we a loved being if we shun the word.  When we use it sparingly, expect love to come sparingly back to us too.

We should live our life as though we don't need money to work.  We should love like we have never been hurt and we should live like it is our last day on earth.

Honour what is now for us.  If not now .. when?

An Invitation:

A Journey Home can be lonely though it is a powerful inward reflection.  At times, it opens up the deep wounds of the past.  It may lead to confusion.  I am inviting a dialogue to those who are willing to engage this path.  Click on my email to start the process.

However, before a healing process can start, you have to heal yourself first.  Here is one exercise that you must do before our dialogue.  You are to write down the things that you would want to be known after you are gone.  Imagine that this is your last dialogue with yourself and the people around you.

Start your dialogue with:

Today is my last day.  I want to be known ...

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