Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dust In The Wind

It is somewhat surprising that, until a crisis happened, so much can change.  Complacency springs out of the pages and new events are quick to present with achievements.  A crisis should not be taken negatively.  Yet while it is often true that it stirs the emotions, generally hold with ill feelings and effects, it has to be recognised as one of the most telling contributory factor in any eventual victory.

An effective change is said to produce result after a crisis.  It proves to be effectual in bringing actions.  It jolts every molecule out of our system.  It brings higher vibrational consciousness.  It sets for deeper awareness.  It mobilises the inertia of an entrenched bureaucracy.  All decked out for the soul to learn the energy alternative out of comfort zone.

Yesterday, we received an early morning call from Chiauw.  She informed us that she had arranged a meeting with Uncle Chong and few other trade contractors at 10 a.m. at Reiki Sanctuary. 

Hmm, how an event - from our email yesterday, can accelerate a straight line motion for actions.  When we arrived, there were 12 workers already busy doing their own stuffs at different places throughout the house. 

In the Living Room, where it was converted into a mini conference area, there were Chiauw, Uncle Chong, a personnel from Formwell, the electrician supervisor and painting foreman.  Later in the day, the parquet and glass guys came to get briefing from Chiauw.

All eyes were drawn to these drawings:

We greatly appreciated their attendance.  Though the meeting was filled with angry voices at times, more often between Chiauw and Uncle Chong, it ended with one common understanding and goal. 

The understanding that renovation works in Reiki Sanctuary were long overdue.  And a goal that there must be, and should have, a date for everything.  It was a good day for all of us.  It was a day to achieve an optimal result.  Surprisingly, the workers worked a full day on a Saturday.

Do we work better under stress?  Looking at the many achievements in one day, the answer was probably 'Yes'.  We were glad to be there.  Though we didn't fully participate in the meeting, as it was rather technical, our presence was either to confirm certain details and to go ahead with the works [despite some technical site problem] or to drop off an idea. 

When we were not participating in the meeting, we managed to interact with the workers.  Their works will determine the outcome of higher quality that we anticipate.

By four in the evening, we saw transformation.  Pressure can really work wonders!

01.  Balcony area cleaned up and surrounding walls going through final coat of paint.

02.  Guest Toilet's lights fixed

03.  Living room walls had the final coat of paint.

04.  Master Bedroom lights fixed

05.  Master Wardrobe glass door fixed.

Uncle Chong will change the shelves into a hanging area next week.

06.  Master Wardrobe inside Study area fixed. 
Uncle Chong will also change the shelves into a hanging area next week.

07.  Master Bedroom TV Console rewired

08.  Sliding Door in between Master Bedroom and Study Area fixed

09.  Master Toilet's lights fixed

10.  Wardrobe in Study area fixed

11.  Study Table

Chiauw forgot about the top hung study cabinet.  Uncle Chong will have to remove the shelf and to install a cabinet.  Chiauw must hand in the drawing to Uncle Chong by Monday.  As this modification is last minute, the cabinet has become low priority.

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