Sunday, August 31, 2008

Because You Are Loved ..

To a friend - I have been thinking about you a lot after what we shared yesterday.  I just have to write this.  And it is written with lots of prayers for your well being.  For your realization.  You become what you think about and I just want you to live a happy life.

It was, indeed, a beautiful Saturday night.  Thank You, my friend.  Thank You for coming to meet us.  Thank You for sharing.  Thank You for allowing ourselves to be just us.  Thank You.

We knew it was not easy for you to hear us.  To hear what we have always wanted to tell you.  To tell you what we think.  To share with you how we truly feel.  The time had come.  Personally, I was happy it happened. 

We decided to take off our masks together.  To bear it all.  To share.  We let our vulnerabilities shown.  And, it was because we wanted to stay true to each other.  We wanted to let you know that you are loved.

The biggest lesson we learned, that night, was when we decided to pull off our masks.  In doing so, we take away all the masquerade of our smiles, our laughters, our appearances and letting our true self to emerge.  It is sad that we have let our masks become a part of our everyday existence.  Unconsciously, we wear them at all our meetings.  We may want to deny it.  We then develop relationship with our masks and they hide our true identity.  And as time passed, our true identity become harder and harder to take off.  We become so good at hiding our problems and convince ourselves that there isn't one.

We have always loved you.  When things were shared that night, it was not about hate.  It was not about your soul.  It was not about your lack off.  It was not about walking on eggshell around you.  It was not about judgement.  It was not about we feel 'right'.  We just wanted to reach out to you.  We just wanted to walk with you, side by side.

We wanted you to own and recognize your anger problem in your life.  We want you to be aware of it.  It is about self realization.  It is about self justification.  Do know, my friend, that anger is not always a wrong response but handling anger rightly requires careful look at what it actually is and how it works.  Anger is about your strong feeling of irritation and displeasure.  The anger that has become your emotional readiness to defend and retaliate.  An anger that has internalized and produced you into a negative life form.

You have lived your life allowing anger to be an important component to affect your healthy living.  You let anger become a cloudy issue and let it manifested with severe problems.  Indeed, you have such a beautiful soul, my friend.  A soul that cries out for peace.  For love.  You have a mind that can think.  You have a mind that can be rational. 

It often saddens us to see you react with anger.  With respect, and as love flows amongst us, we just feel that you often deceive yourself into thinking that you are defending the truth and the right.  Anger has turned you into defending yourselves.  Your anger has led you to many mood swings and to many verbal jabs.  It has made you to live a life of misery.  It has weakened your health.  It has destroyed your hopes.  It has become your best company.

We understand your past.  We understand your unresolved life.  Your hurtful experiences.  Your unfulfilled expectations.  Your feeling misunderstood and unappreciated.  That night was about you to identify the sources without blaming and to take full responsiblity for all your thoughts and actions.  We want you to gain freedom.  To live true to your loving heart.

We know that you can do it.  We know because you are, without your anger, a loving friend.  We know that you care.  We know that you love us too. 

All said, and shared, is because we love you too.  We have never stopped, my friend.

For now, our prayers are with you.  We ask for your forgiveness if we hurt you.  The thing is, we do not want to let the sun go down losing this friendship.

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