Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When Love is Just Love ..

It is how good things are always saved for the last.  It is the toil of hard work that brings a satisfaction.  It is the seeding that gives rise to propagation.  It is the end that brings a new beginning.

And when we get what we want, when we are brought to the height of achievements, when we are being endorsed with success and triumphant .. do we dismiss them as an entitlement?  Do we pat our shoulder and fooled ourselves that they are an undermined benefits?  Do we not fill it with gratitude? Do we not recognize it as blessing?

The only way for us to learn is when we go through the experience.  The process.  The Law of Gestation provides us with the understanding that we need to go through stages of growth.  Through time.  Though time is always relative, it is the consciousness of energy that will state the birth.  The consciousness of being.  The consciousness of recognition.  The consciousness of acceptance.

Often, we take our lives for granted.  We become so caught up in the daily chores that we, subconsciously, fail to realize our desires [our goals] until someone mentions it.  Change is gradual that it often goes unnoticed.  We see this phenomenon with our children, our friends, or even ourselves; much of their growth seems almost non-existent until someone comments on how big they are getting or how much they have changed.

In gratitude, in consciousness, we must ensure that we pay attention to these changes.  Lest, we can get discouraged by thinking we have not made any progress.

You're my everything.  Nothing really matters but the love you bring.

Reiki Sanctuary started with joy.  The joy of owning something new.  The joy of the future that holds dearly in our heart.  We found Reiki Sanctuary because we were looking for it.  We found her because we wanted a sanctuary for a peaceful future.  The discovery that led us to learn.  To experience.  To feel.  To intertwine.  To give.  The hunger for success.  The thirst for ultimate.  The joy that must be kept.  The blessings that need recognition.

Often, as we stand by her balcony over looking the green, there is a deep sense of satisfaction.  A gratifying hugs of love.  The kiss of love.  The yearning for everything safe and warm.  We forget about the mess from renovation behind us.  It fills us with hopes.  It soothes the aching heart of missing you.

The journey, towards where we are today, was full of challenges.  The uncertainties, the denials, the confusions - that was how we transformed our lives.  We encountered shortcomings during the process of renovation.  The delay.  SanMei gave up.  Tiles went missing.  Disgruntled neighbours.  The worries.  The anxieties.

Love is love.  Only when we start to surrender that we give ourselves the positive reinforcement.  A bountiful harvest comes with patience.  With care.  With nurture.  With faith.  With hopes.  These consciousness are vital for a continued motivation.  They open opportunities.  They hold emotional abundance.  They uplift mental freedom.  They inflate peace and joy.

Get ready to get drenched when we ask for rain.  Get ready for love when we want it.  Ask and it shall be given.  Seek and we shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened.  Faith without action is dead.  We must act on what we want to believe.  It is a process.  Love the process.

When I kiss your lips, I feel the rolling thunder to my fingertips. 

That much, I feel blessed.  That much Reiki Sanctuary has kept me warm.  All those days where the lesson 'timing for everything' was made known, I can only be thankful for its wisdom.  There is always time to tear and a time to rebuild.

Reiki Sanctuary has come for a reason.  And, the reason is "Love".

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