Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Light Up My Life

Just like Viktor Frankl's best selling book, "Man's Search For Meaning" [do read it!], we spent hours searching for the perfect lights for Reiki Sanctuary. 

Hopped from one shop to another; from Jalan Sultan to Geylang to Balestier, it was the longest shopping for just one common item in a day last Monday.  We spent a good seven hours and not counting the other two days previously, on a separate occasion. 

And, all that we wanted was to find a suitable few to compliment the look, the feel and the right aesthetics of lights in Reiki Sanctuary for a full complete life.

In restrospect, do we need to go through all the hassles?  Letting ourselves to be exposed, and spoilt, with so many choices?  And the endless search that only adds to an anticipatory anxiety?  Yes, life has meaning under all circumstances and that we have freedom to find meaning in what we do, and what we experience.  However, there must always be conscious awareness of what is realistic and what constitute an idealistic framework.

Lights are important.  They brighten up a place.  A corner.  A cave.  A life.  They have come a long way from the days of the fire that brightened the way for cave to today's home.  They shine for right ambience.  For the right glow in the dark.  They illuminate the world so that we can enjoy the night and darkness.

The search for meaning, the search for perfect light - it needs to end with appreciation and awareness.  It is, with the will to meaning, that we limit the endless choices to fit our goals and purposes.  Importantly, we need to realize the primary motivation and its objective reality.  That, in finding the ones we like, we bring forth the possible best and the meaning of the 'moment' of today.  What is injected, what is felt, what is embraced and what have arrived - we need to honour it on the ground of our freedom and responsibility towards a fulfilled life in each and every situation.

In an endless search, there comes confusion.  Greed.  Dissatisfaction.  At times, it can also lead to self distancing thus creating certain attitudes and expectations that can only be obstacles to meaningful fulfillment.  While it is good to find possibilities for the best, specific awareness needs to be in check to raise into consciousness - the philosophical setting to end the freedom to fulfill.

We are happy that we ended the search for our lights.  We realise that we cannot, and must not, go on to think there's always a better one elsewhere.  For now, in this moment, we must learn to cherish.  We must be thankful.  Only when gratitude is given, those lights will reciprocate to adorn and amplified the meaning of life.

Lights, Lights for Reiki Sanctuary:
>br /> Eight Pendant Balls for Dining Room

We first saw this hanging pendant light about a month ago.  We liked it - simple yet elegant.  And being asian, "8" will bring us luck.  But when we were told to look around 'for nicer ones' at other light shops, we put ourselves days of another tiring journey and endless search.

The Downlights for the whole house

All scattered throughout the house, there are about 36 units of down lights.  We wonder if they are just too much?

Led Light Strips for Suspended Consoles

Now that the search is over, that Reiki Sanctuary will not be in darkness, the only thing we should do is to appreciate what we have.  We must learn to see the beauty in all of them.  We must have faith that each light will illuminate our spirits.  We must be proud.  We must make them a part of the whole house.  With tender loving care.

Welcome to Reiki Sanctuary.  From this moment, we shall walk side by side, complimenting each other and together, we shall make the effort to brighten the days ahead.  In our awareness, and in our heart, we shall pray for the new partnership.  For a joyful and peaceful life shared.  And, for all your soulful illumination, your beauty will glow in full glory.  In full wisdom.  In a desire to make this lifetime a wonderful experience. 

Chiauw made a remark that we are going to have an identical pendant light as someone we knew.  We understand her concern that she wants Reiki Sanctuary to be different.  It is only normal for a friend to advise us of possibilities.  For us to be aware.  For us to be informed.  That, when we make a well-informed decision, there will be no regrets.  Embracing what we shall own comes easier.  And, acceptance will only put our hearts at peace.

It actually does not matter anymore.  We had searched.  We had fooled ourselves that we would find something nicer.  Something better.  But what remains is the will to meaning - that in our freedom for choices and free to all-something, we are happy and deeply grateful that these lights are still in stock.  They are immediately available.  They are just meant for us.  And for that matter, for the right prices.

You, definitely, light up our life.

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