Sunday, August 24, 2008

Words From A Wise Young Man

Going through house renovation can be an emotional uphill task. 

Especially, when we want the house to be perfect.  Especially, when we want it to be more than just a liveable place.  Especially, when we want it to add zest and colourful ambient.  Especially, when we want an ultimate home dawned with full of comfort.  And, particularly, when the renovation cost overruns as high as 50 percent and at the strained end of your budget.

Renovation woes are common.  Sometimes, we do wonder what can be possibly go wrong.  What would set for a peaceful and trouble free renovation process.

In the world of architecture, it is said, "If we can draw up a longer preparation time, we will shorten the construction time which is usually more costly". 

We started to plan for Reiki Sanctuary as early as April this year.  We spent months on the Drawing Board and the actual renovation works only started in July.  In somewhat way, it is true that we are able to get good materials and labour prices.  There would be ample time to source around.  There would be pleasant satisfaction knowing the market.  It makes economical sense.  However, with time, comes the many choices.  The more well informed we become, there is always the desire to get for the best.  And, for Reiki Sanctuary, it is also about the constant change to the basic designs.

In one of our weekly meeting, Chiauw's partner casually mentioned, "If your clients want curry, don't introduce them tom yum or chicken soup or beef rendang.  For all you know, they want it all because each sounds yummy".  Ah, how true!  The more we get to know things, we thought 'since we can get apples, why not get the strawberries too'.  Such is the works of the human mind.  In our freewill, we are spoiled with choices.  We have tendencies wanting to explore.  We wander the unknown territories and letting ourselves dragged into experiments.  Only when the heart is satisfied that the mind can be at ease.

In renovation, to have hindsight often provides the best foresight.  We need to understand the procedures; be budget conscious and keep an up-to-date list of undertakings.  We are lucky to work with Chiauw early.  She guides us with choices involving design, quality of materials and levels of finish.  Reiki Sanctuary is 23 years old - an old HDB unit with lots of restrictions.  HDB, unlike a private development, sets many restrictions.  Everything outside the scope of a normal procedure requires a permit.

It will not be easy to transform our unit into a sanctuary.  It will be a challenge to create a sense of space in a small area.  We want an elevated clean-lined quality and allow Chiauw with a larger decision to personalize Reiki Sanctuary.  We allow her to fit her architectural design idea into place including wiring, walls and floors.  Reiki Sanctuary must have good basics for a long haul.

Chiauw fully understands our dream.  She can catch the indefinable thing in the air - like the energy and soul of Reiki, like the universal sense of being peacefully in Reiki Sanctuary that literally contained in our own thought.  Chiauw has done a good job in choosing us a design and in realizing it.

Unfortunate with all these months into it, mentally, we are getting tired.  Physically and emotionally too.  We are not used with all the renovation meticulous details.  We used to think that renovation is about sitting down with a designer, executing the jobs and all can be completed in two months.  Reiki Sanctuary is now in her fifth months, from the drawing stage, and we are not expecting it to complete till mid September.  It has taken a long time.

When we got Hertford, it was an easy transition.  We didn't do any renovation.  It was a moved-in condition.  Perhaps, we were young then.  And we didn't have the budget to renovate the place.

Every life journey encounters a turn.  With months passed, little that I realized my tired energy is showing.  My conversation with a dear friend earlier today, however, lifts my spirits.  You bring back my focus.  These are your words that gently knock me into realization.  They are simple yet profound.

[After some casual conversation ... ]

Jh  :  How's the reno?
me  :  Haha, how come that question suddenly?
Jh  :  Was about to ask you if everything's alright.  Cos you seemed a bit down.  From the energy of your words.
me  :  Wah.  *Faint*  And how did you figure that?
Jh  :  Just what your words are telling me.  So, what's wrong with the reno?
me  :  */me bows to god*
Jh  :  Oh.  You gonna pour your sorrows out on your blog?
me  :  LOL. No.
Jh  :  I think now you just wanna get the reno over and done with asap, right?  Dragging on for far too long .. everyone's tired too.
me  :  You are right!
And the sweetest remark:
Jh  :  Abundance will come to your new place in lots of ways.

It is little nudge, like this, that shakes our senses.  That brings us back into reality.  Yes, I am experiencing physical exhaustion.  Probably, a mental burn out too.  You make it all sound possible.  You can turn the negative into positive life forces.  You sure have a way to provide the light at the end of the tunnel.  You are that little voice of god that shines with higher consciousness.

It was a good conversation.  Greatly appreciate it.

Indeed, you are a wise and sensitive young lad.  And always so caring towards others.  Thank You, Jh!

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