Monday, August 04, 2008

Renovation - Week 04A

Today, our 'Temporary Notice Of Renovation Works' permit expires!!

Argh!!!! - Ok, We are a little disappointed, actually.  Have reminded Chiauw to go down to HBD Town Council and hopefully, we will get an extension.  There are still tons of works not done - and not even a single tile has been laid for the last three weeks.  Though Chiauw assured us that everything will be fine, we can't stop our anxiety and to pray for the best. 

The outstanding reno works:

01.  Laying of tiles
02.  Laying of teak
03.  Joinery works [kitchen cabinets/wardrobes/bed frame/tv consoles/slate partition/study table and cupboards/boxing of pipes, aircon trunking]
04.  False Ceiling and Painting - scheduled for Thursday, 07 August 2008
05.  Installing electrical modular swtiches
06.  Installing sanitary and shower set

We wonder if we can move in at the end of the first week of September, as planned.  Hopefully, the renovation can complete by end August.  We need at least a week to air the house, to clean up and to get all the barang barang that we had ordered earlier to be delivered.  When we move in, we would only want to unpack stuffs that we will bring over and not bothered with delivery of new items.

To add more to our anxiety, there are few things that we had purchased earlier and they cannot fit.  These items are slightly too big - though they look fine and fit nicely in the geomatrical drawings.  Lucky those items have not been delivered and Chiauw managed to cancel the purchase.  Now, we have to source for another island hood and a lavatory basin plus tap for the guest toilet.

The new island hood that we have purchased:

Franke ISL 9010 (900)

The Specs:

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