Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Appreciation

Energy is all about awareness.  It is about inward thinking.  It is a philosophy and science.

The primary reason we decided to go ahead re-tiling the living and dining areas is about giving a new orientation to bring about more harmony and tranquility to Reiki Sanctuary.  Sacred spaces, by extension of everything that exists around us, create a living energy and content soul.  These elements, from which the Universe was created, vibrate the positive and negative forces that are in everyone's lives.

In creating your own sacred space, for your home or office or any dwelling places, it is important to organize the life forces.  If you want to write a story, you need an empty page.  If you want to fill new juice, you need an empty new glass.  The Law of Vacuum explains the key concept to map your sacred space to all that you desire - it is for an optimal flow for an orderly and harmonious space to an orderly and harmonious inner life which is so necessary for good health of the body, mind and soul.

The co-incidental lost of tiles, left by our previous owners, was a subtle message of spirituality and efficiency.  It happened for good reason that best fits our unconscious constitution for inner peace.  With everything new, we are creating our own sacred space.  We are in charge of the life forces.  We are the author to convincingly champion the storyline.  We are literally saying, 'This is mine.  This is what I want.'  It will be a mirror of ourselves, through it we can interface with the abundance of the universe.

The 'missing tiles' that we have taken to be a blessing:

We do get affected when things do not go our way.  It always has to do with our expectation - the hopes that we built, the results that we desired and the wishful actions and reactions we anticipated.  Admittedly, we were a little disappointed when the tiles went missing.  We were denying ourselves towards the universe abundance, and all her gifts and blessings, just because we were very concerned with the increased renovation cost it could incur.

What we didn't realize was for bigger things to come - that we need to make sacrifices.  That we need to discover the need to plant a seed before it can grow into a huge tree.  We were focussing at the huge tree and forgot how and where it came from.  We can't never really find peace and joy, nor be able to give gratitude, if we choose not to recognise the source.

The beauty of a sacred space lies from the identity of inward thinking.  Fom the realization of compassion.  From the insightful essence of creativity and productivity.  From the revelation and acknowledgement of acceptance.  From the slightest and smallest gratitude to something larger than ourselves for greater purpose.  It is about creating an environment where a sense of the sacred can be realized in the details of our everyday lives, and in ourselves.

Creating this space becomes a search for meaning, or a process of discovering what has meaning.  It involves putting love, peace and joy - the spirituality, into physical form.  It is the wanting for the purity of life.

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    I am a certified Master in Traditional USUI REIKI and KARUNA REIKI. I am also a certified practitioner in MAGNIFIED HEALING and INNER DANCE.

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    In Reiki Sanctuary, we feel blessed. We feel the abundance and greatly appreciate for all that have been showered. We can only keep counting ..

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