Friday, August 29, 2008

In Water, We Are Blessed

We went through great lengths to achieve for a comfortable decision of our bathrooms.  We regard them an important integral of Reiki Sanctuary.  It is in these rooms that will remind us of the importance of a good shower.  A place for water blessings.

It is said that water helps to inspire us to re-pattern our thoughts and habits to transform our life experience.  It includes financial challenges, health issues and spiritual expansion.  There are scientific researches on this claim.  There was also a movie, 'What The Bleep Do We Know', that showed photos of water molecules that had been blessed versus those that were not.  The non-blessed water molecules looked rather indistinct and of shapeless form, whereas the blessed molecules were colourful and shaped like snowflakes.

Personally, we have always taken that, with gratitude, water density can change and enhances its nourishment.  It is the same way we prepare our food - that with positive energy, sort of like 'spiritual seasoning', the food just taste better.  Of cos, such a phenomenon is subjective.  For more reading on this, you may want to read it here - Wiki: Water Crystal and Entangled Minds: Effects of Distant Intention On Water Crystals.

The shower area, hence, becomes a sacred place for us.  It must provides us with the sense of cleansing and rejuvenation.  That, as we take our shower, or even brushing our teeth in the bathroom, we breathe new life that reinvigorates and restores our souls and minds.  That, we give new life everytime.  New vitality.  We allow this place to re-create the Law of Vacuum that will instill positivities as we flush the toxins and negative thoughts away with the daily water cleansing.

Chiauw introduced us the idea of an open bathroom concept for the Master toilet.  Though we were a little uncomfortable in the beginning, we challenged ourselves to go ahead.  We felt it will give a sense of space.  She also wanted to make the toilets a bathroom - that it will not be just another area but a perfect compromise between inside and outside.  She wanted to create the comfort and, at the same time, allowed freedom.  The end result should accomplish a look that is both minimalist and elegant.

Chiauw, indeed, surprised us.  Though we had a lot of headaches in choosing for the right tiles, sanitary ware and shower sets that must add texture, she managed to add depth and dynamic movement that allows for a freedom of decor and planning.

There are still tons of works not completed for the two bathrooms but we are pleased with the progress so far.

Some pictures:

The gentle ram introduced as we step into the bathrooms.

At the Guest Room:

At The Master Bathroom

The Custom-Made Racks:

At the Guest Bathroom

At the Master Bathroom

View of the incomplete Master Bathroom:

The chiselled wall will be oil-glazed to give it shine and make it 'blacker'.

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