Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look Ma! There's No Skirts!

Amongst the many things Chiauw and us have in common is the omission of skirting all throughout Reiki Sanctuary.  The event of the 'missing tiles' - blogged in "In Appreciation", indeed, served us with a highest purpose. 

It was a subtle incident, a gradual process, of realizing the blissful essence of everything in and around us.  Should we have kept the old floor tiles in the living and dining areas, we would not be able to achieve consistency.  And, as such, there would be conflicting harmony.  The previous owner had laid skirtings all around the living and dining areas.

Everything happen for a reason.  Often, it is to happen for good.  When we want to achieve total freedom and soul liberation, values of love and selflessness are usually generated as positive side effects.  It is not an aim in itself but a natural fragrance of endeavours to come. 

The main aim, in life generally, of an individual is about the liberation of oneself as well as to serve others.  Each human being is gifted with enormous moral and spiritual potential - the only thing we have to do is to work towards the discovery and development of that potential.

Importantly, in retrospect, it is about God's way in providing us to live in harmony with our desires.  And a subtle prayer for peace within us.  It is about providing the oneness in our resolutions, in our goals, hearts and minds.  The simplicity for the union of hearts and a oneness of spirit is about leting go and to accept for what 'Just Is'.  There is always a bigger thing ahead.

That incident is for our upliftment.  It was about our spiritual evolution.  It was about a subtle display, for us, to overcome courage, discipline, perseverance and hard work for a win-win situation.  It was about embracing the essence of life that we want.

Floor skirtings are laid for a purpose.  Basically, it is about concealing wires or pipes.  Overtime, it has become a decoration to line tiles, or wood, along the base of the wall.  It is, supposedly, to give a clean curve to hide the difference materials of the floor and the wall.  It is about concealing the gaps from the floor edge and the wall.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  For us, to go without skirtings gives a sense of a clean look - a floor is a floor and a wall is a wall.  However, the finished work of the floor tiles is crucial.  As there is nothing to conceal the gap to the wall, extra precision is required.

Skirt-less flooring:

The Main Entrance

The Guest Room

Master Bedroom and Study Area

The bad plastering in Living area:

Chiauw is to make sure that the wall plaster is corrected.

The teak parquet is being cured now.  It will take few days before further works are carried out and sanding it down.  We are trying to keep the colour light - hence, there'll be no varnishing.

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